A collection from the 50:ies with modern technique
Ljungberg´s continue to make discoveries
in their great treasure-chest

- A combination of the very best from two worlds: classical Swedish design signed Sven Markelius, and modern colours and a modern material. The result is two new exciting textiles to launch, the exclusive pattern “Pythagoras” and the more small-scale “Prism”. Two alternatives with the lustre of flame-proof Trevira CS, first and foremost for public interior decoration, Bibbi Nilsson says, in charge of marketing at Ljungberg´s Textile Prints in Floda. Here at the “Stockholm Furniture Fair” it is obvious that Ljungberg´s had a drive for greater influence and a more pronounced presence regarding public interior decoration.

Sven Markelius

- Sven Markelius (1889-1972) was an architect and designer firmly rooted in Functionalism. Very early on he made contact with Walter Gropius at the “Bauhaus School” in Dessau. He had an interesting career and during the dynamic decade 1944-54 he was the director of the town planning department in Stockholm. He also designed “Folkets Hus” by Norra Bantorget,
one of the Hötorg-houses and the “Sweden-House” by Kungsträdgården.

- In the collection of the 50:ies, named “Signed Textile”, he designed “Set ´Square”. “Pythagoras”, which we now launch again, is from the same time.

- We at Ljungberg´s have a real treasure-chest where we can find exquisite patterns. We have studied the old receptures, trying to recreate the original colour combinations and we think they will work fine in interior decoration of today. - Bo and Anita Markelius– son and daughter of Sven Markelius - have been very helpful in this work. They have contributed with their knowledge and with unique colour samples.

- The original colours have been transposed to modern dispersion colours with flame-proof pigments. We now add a honey-yellow variety to the earlier known red and blue colour combinations of “Pythagoras”.

Then, back in the 50:ies, Sven Markelius also created a small-scale pattern, “Prism” in a number of varieties and colour combinations. Once again, Markelius is in the limelight because of our new launch and because one of the most important buyers then – “American Knoll Textiles” – is in focus for an exhibition at “Bard Graduate Center” in New York. We have decided to keep the patina of the lustrous colours. The intention is to give the pattern in
our new Trevira CS “Solo Structure” a bit of a linen look. That linen look once created the success for “Prism”.
“ A way for us to live up to our reputation and tradition as cotton- and linen printers and at the same time meet the demands of the 21st century regarding secure environments,” Bibbi Nilsson concludes.



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