Luminous addition to the family

At Northern Light Fair in Stockholm Lightyears launch two new members of the popular Caravaggio pendant series – the mini pendant P0 and the large room pendant P3.

The high gloss lacquered Caravaggio pendant decorate countless homes and business premises with its tasteful appearance, which masterly combines feminine lines and masculine technology. From Scandinavia over Southern Europe to Japan and USA the Caravaggio pendant has within no time established itself as a desirable design object that among others is recognized by leading architects and design magazines. Behind the success is Danish Cecilie Manz, who with Caravaggio is making an international design name for herself.

P0 and P3 are completely in line with the Caravaggio concept with an eye-catching textile cord, high gloss lacquered shade and an exclusive and minimalist satin suspension. The pendants are naturally scaled with the applicability in mind and take point of origin in light source and luminous effect.

With a diameter of 40 cm the Caravaggio P3 is characterized as a large room pendant. This size is in particular predicted a great future in terms of decoration of private homes and business premises. With a diameter of only 11 cm the P0 is the smallest pendant in the series. According to the designer it looks its best when repeated many times e.g. over the counter in a reception.

The young lighting company, Lightyears, and designer Cecilie Manz launched the first two Caravaggio pendants as part of the company’s first collection, which was shown at the Copenhagen Furniture Fair in May 2005. I 2006 the mega-pendant P4 was added. And with the launch of the new pendants Caravaggio is now available in five different sizes.

Accessible and visionary design

Besides Cecilie Manz Lightyears’ designer team consist of a comprehensive list of visionary and recognized Danish designers like Knud Holscher, Jorn Utzon and Hans Sandgren Jakobsen. The collection is composed of innovative and modern lamps of high quality available at a fair price. Lightyears strives to be Scandinavians leading supplier modern designed lighting.

With the introduction of P0 and P3 the popular Caravaggio pendant is now available in five different sizes.