Energy-friendly minimalism with LED
in a compact outdoor lamp

Diamond, by the designer Mads Odgaard is designed to be minimalistic. And it is the first lamp from Lightyears to use LED (Light Emitting Diode) as a light source.

The diamond is one of the hardest, most robust and imperishable materials on earth. And one of the simplest and most beautiful. The properties of the diamond were key points for the designer Mads Odgaard, when he created the outdoor lamp, Diamond for Lightyears.

Diamond is the first lamp from Lightyears to use LED. And the maintenance-free light source LED is obviously suitable for outdoor use. With an energy requirement of just 8.5W the light diodes burn for 50,000 hours which, with a normal usage pattern, gives Diamond a life time of 15-20 years. It is robust, functional and energy-friendly.

Diamond is built around an equilateral aluminium cross mounted on a quadratic frame which similarly is made in aluminium. In each of the four areas defined by the cross, a light diode sits behind a diffuser made of impact-proof opal polycarbonate. An in-built grille lights downwards and thus ensures pleasant lighting with minimal glare.

This simple and compact form ensures that Diamond is suitable for use everywhere, without taking up more room or focus than absolutely necessary. With Diamond you get both an economic and an environmentally-friendly solution that is ideal – without compromising on light output.

Thus, Diamond clearly lives up to Mads Odgaard's statement that ‘the things we surround ourselves with should have a clear identity which reflects their function’.

Mads Odgaard is a designer who seeks the universal. And according to him, the road to the universal goes via simplification. When we simplify, we move in the direction of the product’s functional core, where all cultural and taste-related layers are peeled away – or at least reduced to a minimum.

Once rid of all superfluous elements, the product stands out as clean, simple and logical. But also accommodating, because anyone can appreciate the product’s functional identity. That means, in all its simplicity, that a lamp designed by Mads Odgaard stands out as exactly what it is: A lamp – an instrument for spreading light. Quite simple.

Diamond will be on sale from September 2008

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