Atomheart - where light and shade meet

The contrasts generated by the interplay between light and shade are the key to a new range of lamps from Lightyears. Atomheart, designed by Morten Voss, features a shade made from hand-blown acid-frosted opal glass and is available both as a pendant and as a table and a floor lamp.

The new Atomheart series is a re-imagining by the designer Morten Voss of the classical representation of the atom, in which the paths of the particles form concentric lines around the nucleus, together sketching out a dynamic spherical body. The atom is composed of both positively and negatively charged particles, just as light and shade are each other’s opposites, and it is this contrast that creates both tension and balance.

Light and shade are equal elements in the design universe, a balance which led Morten Voss to create the Atomheart range of lamps that is to be launched in September by Lightyears. When the lamp is lit, the design of the shade forms contrasts which enhance the impression created by the shape of the glass, where no two angles are alike, but instead change all the way round. Hence, the lamp appears as a complex and distinctive light source with a life of its own.

Atomheart is available in two different pendant sizes and as a table and a floor lamp. All four versions are made of hand-blown acid-frosted opal glass, which in the pendant lamps encircle the light source all the way round and which are crowned by a white high-gloss suspension. A black textile cord leads out from the centre of this circle, forming a contrast to the white look of the pendant. The high-gloss lacquered finish of the pendant suspension is repeated in the foot and base of the table and floor lamp, providing an exciting counterpoint to the frosted glass of the shade.

Atomheart has been created with inspiration from the Sci-Fi design universe, where everything is possible and nothing is inconceivable. As such Sci-Fi and Atomheart are a tribute to imagination as one of mankind’s most important qualities. At the same time Atomheart achieves the overall objective of Morten Voss’s design: to create an object of both functional and aesthetic worth. According to Voss this happens when familiar forms and materials are combined in new ways, thereby giving rise to something original and exciting, the functional and aesthetic value of which exceeds the sum of its parts.

Atomheart is Morten Voss’s first assignment for Lightyears. His previous designs include the FlightDeck coffee table (1994) and the Attitude lounge chair and coffee table (2006) for Fritz Hansen.

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