Pendant with soft shapes for large surroundings

Lightyears is holding its world premiere of Cecilie Manz’ design,
Brancusi, a pendant for large rooms. Its shapes are taken from cut
stone and it has the radiation and technical lighting power to fill a
large room.

After major success with the lamp series Caravaggio, developed for
Lightyears in 2005 and added to in both 2006 and 2007, the designer
Cecilie Manz has done it again. In a completely different way.

The new pendant for large rooms, Brancusi, is a formidable creation
in every way. And it will probably see the whole world on its
journey, for Lightyears are sending it out to the world premiere at
the Northern Light Fair in Stockholm.

According to Cecilie Manz, Brancusi combines a wide range of
technical lighting challenges, in a clean, calm and finished shape.
The pendant’s shiny curves draw harmonious and organic lines in the
room, which, with a little imagination, remind you of water-cut
stone. Brancusi really comes into its own in high-ceiling rooms,
where its superior lighting strength lights up the room with ease,
while the light’s large surfaces complement the room’s dimensions.

Despite its considerable size, Brancusi's appearance still seems to
be light and floating. Its soft lines and the consistent use of
white, gives Brancusi a very elegant appearance. The screen is
designed in dyed polycarbonate and is finished with a plate of
hardened glass in the base. The silky white circles on the glass
soften the light and help create a unique look. On changing the light
source, the three finger screws are loosened and the glass opens, but
it is held with the help of an integrated hinge on the side of the

Brancusi has been designed to light a room of loft-height
proportions, with the help of a large integrated aluminium reflector.
The reflector’s material, geometry and surface, ensure both an
effective and pleasant spread of light, due to the fact that Brancusi
is so well suited to large rooms. The pendant comes in two versions,
meaning that it is easy to find a use for it in all types of
environments. The E27 socket variety is recommended for areas which
require a soft and atmospheric light, while the G8.5 socket variety
and metal halogen light source is recommended for environments which
require a high level of light and a lower consumption of energy.

The collaboration between Manz and Lightyears is a success story,
both in terms of design and sales, with Caravaggio currently at its
peak with five different products that are exported through
Lightyears to most of Europe, Japan and the USA.

Brancusi, which got its name from the Romanian sculptor Constantin
Brancusi (1876-1957), comes out in September.

Curious 'Nosy' from Lightyears
has its world premiere in Stockholm

The designer Kasper Salto and the architect Thomas Sigsgaard have
designed an ultra-functional working lamp for Lightyears. Nosy is a
practical design, intuitively curious, with outstanding technical
lighting qualities.

The young Danish design company Lightyears will have its luminous
world premiere at the Northern Light Fair, in connection with the
Stockholm Furniture Fair. The working, interior lamp 'Nosy', was
conceived and designed by Salto & Sigsgaard, whose first names are
Kasper and Thomas, and titles are Designer and Architect
respectively. Nosy is the first result of the collaboration between
Salto & Sigsgaard & Lightyears.

Nosy is a curious and refined little fellow that radiates efficiently
thanks to its brilliant lighting technology and an almost unlimited
range of movements. It constantly searches for new and exciting
things to cast its light over.

Salto & Sigsgaard design from both vision and universal
‘behaviour’. Each line, each angle, each curve and each bend has a
function. And what is surprising, is that from a character like Nosy,
with its tight, functionalistic shape, a sparkle of life and light
jumps out.

Nosy has been made with a curious and creative mind, to function either on its own, or in inspiring partnerships, from which it finds new insights and new inspiration. In addition, you will be delighted by its construction, made from excellent and well chosen materials. The lamp’s head and base are designed in strong and lightweight
polycarbonate, while its slim body is made of supple flexi-cables covered in a rubber material that connects the head, body and base together as an organic whole. The head’s two “eyes” give life to the design and have a practical function of dissipating heat. The body revolves 300 degrees on its own axis and thereby provides a high degree of flexibility.

With Nosy's pure technical lighting, the distribution of light does not require a large, reflecting screen. Under its simple screen, Nosy has an asymmetrical reflector, which, together with its large range, provides an effective spread of light. The strength of the light is easily regulated by the elegant touch-dimmer-contact placed at the base. Nosy is comes in two versions, both of which are available from September, namely, Nosy on foot, and Nosy as a plug in, and both are
available in black and white.

It has taken only three years for Lightyears in Århus to establish a strong position as a catalyst for and producer of lamps in modern
Scandinavian designs. The company's designer products are sold in
most European countries, Japan, and since 2007, coast to coast in the
USA. The export business accounts for around two-thirds of its
significantly increasing turnover. Since its launch in 2005,
Lightyears has introduced a small group of different lamps in
excellent designs, made by the best Danish designers.


Development stories from Utzon
and Hans Sandgren Jakobsen

The Concert family, designed by Jørn Utzon, now has an addition to
the family; a big brother, to suit large rooms. In addition, Hans
Sandgren Jakobsen’s Radon is now available in white. Both have their
world premiere at the Northern Light Fair in Stockholm.

Two completely new products, the pendant for large rooms, Brancusi,
from Cecilie Manz and Nosy the working lamp from Salto & Sigsgaard,
are a major feature of Lightyears’ stand at the Northern Light Fair
in Stockholm. However, these should not overshadow two exciting
development stories from Jørn Utzon and Hans Sandgren Jakobsen

Jørn Utzon designed his Concert family of pendants for Lightyears in
2005 and has now extended the family by adding a big brother, the
Concert P3, suitable for conference facilities, auditoriums, lobbies
and other large rooms that require soft and indirect lighting.

As one of the smaller products, Concert P3 is constructed from four
screens, in different sizes, where the same shapes are repeated and
reflect each other in pairs. Due to Concert P3’s increased
dimensions, the distance between the four screens increases
correspondingly. This gives and extra outflow of light between the
screens, which wraps the pendant in a warm and soft light, and that
now emphasises the lamp’s shape to an even higher degree. The
results speak for themselves.

Concert P3 comes in two versions, so that it can be used for both
projection and for use in a private home. The E27 socket variety is
recommended for places that require soft and atmospheric lighting,
while the G8.5 socket variety and metal halogen light source is
recommended for environments where a high level of light and low
energy consumption are required. The screens can easily be
disassembled and cleaned, without the pendant being taken down.

Hans Sandgren Jakobsen’s Radon, on its characteristic three legs,
was introduced by Lightyears in 2005. At that time, Radon came in
matt chromium and was black, but regardless of the choice of
materials and colours, with its simple and vivid appearance, it has
the potential to become a classic.

Now Radon is being launched in a softer, or perhaps more feminine
version with a white screen and white feet. Unbelievable what colours
can do…

Concert P3 and Radon in white will be available in September.

For further information please contact Lightyears on tel: +45 87 30
12 40, Marketing Co-ordinator Gitte Nielsen ( or Product and Development Manager Rasmus Markholt