The JOKER is back!
This light pendant simply assembled by hand, folds out like a beautiful flower sculpture, whether in use or not. The Joker was created by Christian Ræder in 1970 where it won 1st prize at the Scandinavian Lighting fair. The Joker is now back in the LE KLINT collection in colours white on white and black on white.
Measurements: 50 x 50 cm, height 25 cm.

is a modern day chandelier that can be used anywhere in your home. The lamp provides a soft, atmospheric light and, with its cluster of hand-folded shades, it is itself an additional decoration in any room. “The Bouquet’s” plaited fabric-coated cable comes in colours white on white or cherry red on white. Diam. 35, height 32 cm.
Design: Sinja Svarrer Damkjær.

Donut. LE KLINT 195
Taking LE KLINT's classic cross-pleating to the extreme, Lise Navne has created a lamp that combines the proud craftmanship and history of LE KLINT with an innovative design. The result is the Donut Lamp, which will fit into either a personal or a professional enviroment.
Design: Lise Navne

Indispensable pleaters
The unique concept and the enterprising Klint family would not have been enough on their own, because without one particular resource, namely all the skilled pleaters at Le Klint, it would have been impossible to put the concept into actual production.

Assiduous, precise and highly dextrous, they have turned the designers’ proposals and models into beautiful shades over the years. The pleaters are still there today – because no machine can ever replace craftsmanship.