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ABITARE chose Lammhults' Chicago among twelve products from five fairs!
Following quotation from Abitare (see also picture further below):
"From furniture shows in Cologne, Courtrai, Paris, London. The twelve pages that follow are full of lies, in the sense that they're an obvious attempt to falsify history, or rather, to tell a story of the things that alone can make a designer's life worth living - the task in hand, a challenging brief, hope in the future. And they have no statistical validity becuase each project is an exception to rule- a voice in the wilderness, a light shining in darkness, a homing beacon in a market of indifferent, undifferentiated products.
It's the same wherever you go, in Paris as in Cologne, in London as in Courtrai. On the one hand, the unrepentant luxury of a wealthy, indifferent, middle-class society anxious to fill its homes with silent shades of grey, white, beige and brown to drown out the colourful din of a desperate world beating at its doors. And on the other, young designers who have espoused minimalism - some with an eye to the main chance, others because they were trained to be economical with materials and money, and can't change how they think. In their opposing ways, these two situations are generating products in which design is being overlooked in the search for materials that seem expressive in their own right: the dryness of maple on the one hand, the hardness of wenge and marble on the other. Steering a middle course between these two extremes, which account for most of the products you see these days, we went in search for difference (as sincerity) and poetry, and came up with twelve objects for five furniture shows in five European cities."

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