Lammhult October 15, 1998



easy chair/sofa
Design: Gunilla Allard

Just like the city of Chicago, "Chicago" radiates timelessness. Timelessness in the sense that it would have been clearly visible in the past, it is clearly visible today and it will be clearly visible in the future. The easy chair and sofa Chicago have been created in a playful way, with a wealth of detail. The seat and back are covered with semicircles, giving this piece of furniture its specific characteristics. The challenge for the designer, Gunilla Allard, and the craftsmen has been to make each semicircle as sharp, elegant and elaborated as possible.
Chicago has a frame of plywood, mounted on steel tubing, with polyurethane upholstery. The plain, thin steel tubing, in one single piece, continues between the hind legs creating a "runner" along the floor, which gives the frame its specific look. The product can be upholstered in fabric or leather. Adding a table to the Chicago product gives a wide range of possibilities. Gunilla Allard has created an elegant, round trolley with leather as table top, and chromium plated steel tubing as frame. This is the first table of several, that will complete the Chicago series later on.


easy chair. Design: Anya Sebton

Multiplicity is an easy chair for public areas as well as private homes, and can be used separately or in multiplicity in bigger areas, e.g. airport lounges etc. Anya Sebton has designed the chair with inspiration from aircraft seats; it has a clean, minimalistic appearance, in combination with high comfort. The airport thought can also be seen in an extension of the name Multiplicity; multiple cities - a product for airports connecting places and people. The most prominent part of the chair is the distinct, high back, which, together with the inclination angle of the chair, gives good support. Multiplicity has a frame of laminated wood with polyurethane foam upholstery, mounted on steel tubing. The easy chair can be upholstered with fabric or leather. Furthermore, this easy chair is linkable, and, as an alternative, it can be provided with a small tablet between the chairs. At a later stage, a separate table will be added to the Multiplicity family. Multiplicity - a product offering multiple variations.

Design: Peter Hiort-Lorenzen/
Johannes Foersom

In Greek mythology, the Titan Atlas carried the whole vault of heaven on his shoulders. With the conference chair Atlas, the designers Peter Hiort-Lorenzen and Johannes Foersom create the same impression; a slender and minimalistic frame, shaped as a pyramid, holds up the elegantly shaped seating element. The challenges for the designers have been: - To create a chair with precisely defined separate elements, yet constituting a harmonious totality - To make both the eye and the body happy The easy chair Atlas consists of three elements: - The frame, of powder coated, Satylite or chromium plated steel tubing, is the fundamental, stable element. - The seat is made of rubber weave moulded in polyurethane, and gives high flexibility - The arms, made in one single piece, enclose the seat, but are separated from the body. Atlas can be upholstered in either fabric or leather.

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