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Campus Air Armchair
Design: Peter Hiort-Lorenzen & Johannes Foersom
Lammhults introduced the Campus chair in 1992 and it has been successful ever since, both as a design object and as functional furniture for different environments and customers around the world. With the Campus Air Chair, launched in 2008, new values were added to the traditional chair, a classic design with new functionality. Together with Lammhults, the Danish designers Johannes Foersom and Peter Hiort-Lorenzen created Campus Air with a new back and seat of glass fiber reinforced polyamide, which resulted in a very durable chair that handle most environments and conditions.

Now a Campus Air armchair has been developed using the same strong materials. The Campus Air armchair has the same practical advantages as the traditional Campus, for example, it is stackable, linkable and can easily be moved with the Campus chair trolley. Another function has been added by designing the armrest so that the chair can be hung directly on a table, without using special hanging devices.

The Campus Air armchair is available in the standard colors black, white and grey with a powder coated or chromium plated steel tubing frame. Campus Air has passed the fire test California TB 133 and is 100% recyclable.

The Campus Air armchair is suitable for environments with high use requirements such as schools, institutions, and healthcare.

Club Sofa
Design: Peter Hiort-Lorenzen & Johannes Foersom

Peter Hiort-Lorenzen & Johannes Foersom have responded to market requests for a sofa version of their Club armchair launched in 2008. With the Club armchair, the designers wanted to offer a comfortable alternative to stiff, formal meeting chairs. The Club sofa is designed to be used in environments where people meet to for conversation and work.

Club seating offers relaxed sitting for planned or spontaneous exchanges of ideas and information, and can be supplemented with optional writing tablet. The Club sofa is suited for the casual reading of a book at home or waiting for a flight in a crowded departure hall.

Like the Club armchair, the well-proportioned Club sofa is fully upholstered, and has a low back. The seat and back, with an internal steel frame, are of molded polyurethane, using differing densities of foam in the seat and back. The sofa base is available in either powder coated or chromium plated steel tubing.

Comet Chair / Easy Chair
Design: Gunilla Allard

"A comet is a celestial body orbiting the sun. About once per decade, a visible bright comet passes in the sky and we can see something unusual and exciting.”

With inspiration from the wonders of our solar system, Lammhults launches Comet, a new chair designed by Gunilla Allard. Comet is simple in its expression and has a clear and distinct form in which the seat and back are a gently shaped into a harmonious whole.

Comet has a molded shell with a slim silhouette. The chair is fully upholstered, with stitched end seams creating a stylistic detail. Comfort, simplicity, and modernity were the key aspects of the design and development process. The soft rounded shape of the chair’s shell gives the user a feeling of embrace.

Comet is a chair with many options, available with high or low back, with or without armrests. The armrests are a thin, flat loop of steel around the back. Typical of Gunilla Allard’s designs, the armrests have an exquisite leather detail to rest your arm on.

Comet is available with two base options: a four-leg swivel base with glides, and a five-star swivel base with casters. Both bases combine tubing of different diameter, with thicker tubing at floor level for the subtle suggestion of strength. Both frames are made of either powder coated or chromium plated steel tubing.

Comet provides great comfort, suitable for long or short meetings and conferences. The many different variations make it a great choice for hotels, offices and lounge areas.

Imprint Small Chair & Bar Stool
Design: Peter Hiort-Lorenzen & Johannes Foersom

The first Imprint chair was launched in 2005 and drew immediate attention. Imprint’s seat shell is made of our own innovative reconstituted cellulose fiber material, Cellupress, a versatile material with a natural feel. Cellupress was developed together with designers Peter Hiort-Lorenzen & Johannes Foersom. After almost nine years of research and development of the technique of the Imprint chair Peter & Johannes discovered that by using a mixture of 90% cellulose fibers, taken from the forest industry´s thinning wood, and 10% recyclable PET as a binder, they could create mats of cellulose. By pressing a number of these mats together under high heat and extreme pressure, they could mould and shape the material in ways previously possible only with plastic. Fibres from bark contributed to
the material's natural expression.

Now Lammhults extends the Imprint family with two new members - a bar stool and a small chair. Both have the same seat shell with soft shapes, now in both low and high seating. This gives a homogeneous overall impression when used in the same interior. Another new aspect for the Imprint series is that the shell of Imprint Small is available without the bark fibers, resulting in a crisp white shell.

The Imprint Small chair, which is stackable, has a sled base, which gives the chair an airy expression. The sled base is available in either powder coated or chromium plated steel tubing. The bar stool has a pillar base of powder coated or chromium plated steel with a foot rest. The base stands on a square foot plate and is a swivel base equipped with memory return.

With Imprint Small Lammhults provides enhanced possibilities for the Imprint series, which now can move into environments such as restaurants, cafes and bars.

Millibar Lounge Table
Design: Anya Sebton

Lammhults extends the Millibar product family with a new smaller size Millibar Lounge table by Anya Sebton. The new smaller table, which has a light and airy expression, is available in two different heights, giving the Millibar range new possibilities. The tables can be combined in a dramatic manner, where different height and different size tables are placed next to each other letting the table top of the higher table to sweep over the lower one.

The Millibar Lounge Table top is white compact laminate. The steel frame is available either powder coated or chromed.

The Millibar Lounge Table is now available in the following sizes: ø1200x 420, ø900 x 420 and ø900 x 520. The table is the perfect complement to the Millibar easy chairs. Its simple and clean expression makes it appealing in any setting.

The table is meant for those areas where we already find the Millibar series: reception areas, restaurants, cafes, lounges, offices, and in private homes.


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