Lammhults at Stockholm Furniture Fair, 9–13/2 2005

Cortina armchair/easychair
Design: Gunilla Allard

Cortina – a pair of chairs with many looks offering many possibilities
At this year ’s Stockholm Furniture Fair,Lammhults will present a brand new product – Cortina – an armchair and an easy chair designed by Gunilla Allard..
Cortina breathes lightness and timelessness in a new way.Thanks to well thought-out materials and combinations,Cortina has a wide variety both in appearance and application. The similarities to Gunilla Allard ’s Cooper easy chair are plain to see.When it comes to the design, Cortina speaks the same language but gives a lighter and softer impression. Cortina has a moulded wood back in walnut or ash,natural or stained white or black. Alternatively, the back can be upholstered with a thin layer of foam on the inner side.The outer
side is always in wood. The back sweeps around the upholstered seat in a thin,soft line. In the lower back, Cortina has an opening creating a very airy impression. This opening has the same shape as the cushion in the lower back of Cooper. The Cortina armchair has a classic four-leg frame with a seat height of 45 cm,while the easy chair has a four-star swivel base and is somewhat lower,with a seat height of 44 cm. The shape of the swivel base can be recognised from the Cooper tables. Both frames are in steel.
The Cortina armchair is a perfect choice for restaurants,for example, or as a visitor ’s chair. The easy chair offers comfortable seating in lounges, hotels, shops etc.

Imprint – a revolutionary chair
Design: Peter Hiort-Lorenzen and Johannes Foersom

Lammhults introduces a new chair, Imprint, and a new material for the market, Cellupress, an innovation in cooperation with the Danish designers Peter Hiort-Lorenzen and Johannes Foersom.
This chair, produced in pressed, completely visual wooden fibres, is revolutionary. Products in wooden fibres are not a new phenomenon; they exist for example as hidden or covered interior material in motor vehicles. For the furniture business it is however big news.
Imprint speaks for itself. The way it looks is a combination of nature and technique. It is obvious that the material is wood,and that is also the intention:colour and texture from nature. But it is the shape that illustrates the technique.By pressing the wooden fibre material together under high pressure,it has been possible to reach a clear, limited radius that shows the seat form and gives the whole chair a very distinct expression.
There are several different plant fibres that can be used for this unique shell chair. Different fibres give different patterns and colours, in shades between light and dark.The designers have chosen pine and cellulose and then added plant fibres such as ordinary bark,coconut or oak, in order to give each chair its own pattern and its own expression.
The Imprint chair can have two different frames, steel or wood, and exists in two different models, one geometric and one more rounded in its shape.
The thin,light chair has a sculptural shape, like an imprint of the human body, creating a very specific expression.
At Lammhults,one sees the possibility to produce furniture out of wooden fibres that are normally waste in most areas. But Cellupress can also become an alternative to plastic, which contains the important resource oil. Now, one has for the first time succeeded in pressing wooden fibres in the way that one earlier only could do with plastic material.This is a new way of producing furniture!

INFO – Display and Reference System
Design: Gunilla Allard

At this year ’s Stockholm Furniture Fair, Lammhults will present INFO, the display and reference system designed by Gunilla Allard.
INFO is an elegant modular system offering in finite possibilities to adapt to changing requirements. Print or reference materials are contained in individual bins of glass with hoops of powder coated or chromium plated steel.
Initially, INFO will be presented in three different colours – red, white and “café au lait ”.
INFO will be available in two versions.
At this first stage, Lammhults will present:

INFO – wall mounted version

A modular system to be mounted on a wall,either horizontally or vertically.INFO ’s modular design makes it extremely flexible – it can be mounted as one single piece or along a whole corridor, for instance,in order to make maximum use of space while creating a nice visual detail.
Dimensions per module:1550 x 270 cm
Later on this year,the following version will become available:

INFO – free standing version
A free-standing version mounted on a weighted steel base. INFO has hoops on both sides to optimize its use. The steel base is square with glides to ensure stability.
Dimensions:1700 overall height x 270 cm square

A-Line a modular seating system
Design:Anya Sebton

The construction of Anya Sebton ’s A-Line system is an innovation in sofa systems seating.
Using an internal extruded aluminium beam,the length of the sofa can easily be determined by adding sections, from a 1-seater to a 4-seat sofa.
Further sections can be connected, making it possible to extend A-Line without limit.
The A-Line beam is the central link for the different functional components of the sofa; arms, table sections and linking devices are all connected to it. By containing the beam within the seating section, Anya Sebton has created a product that is visually very light, while concealing its robust strength.
The design intent by Anya Sebton was to create a product both for larger public areas and for private homes, modern or classic. A-Line offers modern design and traditional comfort.
Beam Sizes: 1-seat,2-seat,3-seats,4-seats
Dimensions:Height:81 cm,Seat height:44 cm,Width:63/69 cm,Depth 67 cm

Stand By -Coat Stand /Accessories
Design: Ruud Ekstrand

Stand By,a new departure on traditional coat stands and hanging racks
Stand By comes in two versions:freestanding triangular hanging rack and a single-sided version for use where minimal space is available,as for example against a wall. Umbrella storage is an option on both versions.Plastic hooks in an assortment of colours are af fixed to the hanging racks.
The Stand By frame is available in an aluminium colour finish, which together with the stylish colour of the hooks creates a classic impression.
The Stand By family also includes a hat rack and a wall-mounting rack in various lengths.
Designer Ruud Ekstrand explains: “My thought behind Stand By is that, thanks to its expression,one should be able to use it in most environments, classic as well as modern.
Material: Hanging bars are zinc with aluminium-colour finish. Hooks in plastic come in a number of colours.
Coat stand, round foot: H 172 cm Ø 33 cm.
Coat stand, rectangular foot: W 172 cm. B 400 cm. D 190 cm.
Hat rack: W 83 cm. D 33 cm. H 33 cm.

Campus Conference table
Design: Johannes Foersom och Peter Hiort Lorenzen

Campus conference is the latest addition to the Campus family.
The design has been developed into bigger sizes whilst retaining its simplicity; Squares, semi circles and ellipse.
The Campus conference tables increases the opportunities to use the complete family to enhance all environments and requirements:conference-rooms, smaller
meeting-rooms and pause and café interiors.
The sizes are:
1400x1400 mm Square:
1200x1400 mm Rectangular
1200x 1180 mm Semi circle
1400x1350 mm Semi circle
1070x1100 mm Ellipse
1025x1045 mm Ellipse

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