Monday; Friday; Sunday
Design: Love Arbén
The latest product by Love Arbén for Lammhults is a series of products including armchairs, easy chairs, tables etc. Named after the days of the week, the more strict armchair for e.g. meetings is called Monday, whereas Friday is a more relaxed easy chair/sofa. The lounge chair, Sunday, comes with a table, also named Sunday. The goal is to fill the week with one specific product characterising each day. In these products, Love Arbén has searched a contrast to the organic shapes often seen today. The seat and the back in the chairs and the sofas are two separated pieces. The steel frame appears very clearly where the two parts meet. The seat and back can be upholstered in fabric or leather.

Design: Anya Sebton
Anya Sebton has designed new additions to the exciting easy chair Multiplicity expanding the opportunities. First of all, she developed arms (optional). Springing from the edge of the back, the arms follow the line of the seat, in minimal steel tubing partly covered with leather. Furthermore, Anya designed a foot stool which extends the line of the chair in a natural, elegant way.

Increasing comfort, thanks to the foot stool, makes Multiplicity even more perfect for lounges, waiting areas and other places where people look for peace and quiet. Using the dynamic quality of steel tubing the foot stool is available in multiple finish options. Finally, the family was complete with a companion table, size ø55 cm, in homogenous white or grey laminate. The base is in powder coated or chromium plated steel tubing.

Campus with laptop tablet
Design: Peter Hiort-Lorenzen/
Johannes Foersom

Lammhults' classic Campus design by Peter Hiort-Lorenzen och Johannes Foersom was launched in 1992, and has since been a great success, both nationally and internationally. Campus has now also reached an additional functional perfection. The designers have, together with Lammhults, developed the chair to support our computerized society, where the laptop has almost become invaluable. The armchair can today be provided with one or two folding tablets; a laptop can be supported by one tablet, or, more ergonomic, on two tablets right in front of the seated person. Each of the tablets also function perfectly well as writing tablets. With these laptop tablets Campus can offer an almost new, ergonomic working place, especially for lecture rooms etc. Tables become more or less obsolete, which is economic also when it comes to multi using space. The tablets are attached onto the arms, and are easily folded into the right position. The armchairs are stackable and linkable also with these tablets.

Campus chair and armchair is a very light and flexible chair, both stacking and linking. For further flexibility, there is also a transport wagon. The seat and the back are in natural beech or birch, alternatively stained, and the frame comes in powder coated or chromium plated steel tubing. Campus can also be upholstered in fabric or leather. Campus is a very simple and beautiful chair, which, when used in multiplicity, form a rolling wave, characteristic for the product.

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