The Bo Bedre Design Prize 2003
to Komplot Design for the chair Gubi

GUBI chair range is designed for being used in a variety of situations – from meeting rooms to conference rooms and from canteens and cafés to restaurants, and includes chairs and armchairs with tubular and solid rod frames, with stackable versions as well.

GUBI chair is the very first industrial product based on the innovative veneer moulding technique using 3-D veneer – a process invented in Germany by Dr.-Ing. Achim Möller and
developed by company Reholz GmbH.

Closely following the development of this technique during the last years, after several experiments KOMPLOT Design could realise the shell, which 3-dimensionallity provides with friendly and comfortable shape and gives a unique possibility of reduction of the thickness down to 5 mm (normally 9-10 mm). In other words – a reduction of consumption of natural resources (wood) to the half by adding know-how and human resources.

With all edges turned away from the human body the softly, organically shaped shell creates a characteristic "body" of a chair, that with its friendliness, like a beloved pet, comforts you, invites you to touch, to caress it . . . . .

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