Appendix for a recliner

The history of the chair dates back to antiquity. It can be counted among the most familiar human artefacts. As such it provides an inexhaustible source of references and even if it has been realized in a more or less infi nite amount of varieties, each new model has the potential of being something new and unknown. This publication is about a specifi c chair – “Caravaggio” – a recliner made from Caravaggio’s painting The Entombment. At the same time it contains a number of other references to more general aspects of human creation. The intention is to let different voices evoke the cultural richness of an everyday object; to indicate – in various directions – the multitude of different spaces where man and chair

Illustrations, quotations, list of contents are from the publication in Swedish and Italian: Linton Lundh Caravaggio (2004) // The contributors are: Giuliano Gresleri, Architect, Professor in History of
Architecture; Per Magnus Johansson, Psychoanalyst, Docent in History of Science and Ideas; Johan Linton, Architect, Master of Engineering; Sven Lundh, Manager of Källemo; Stefania Renzetti, Translator; Enio Staccini, Author; Bengt Steneby, Photographer; Sven-Olov Wallenstein, Associate Professor in Art theory and Philosophy. // The publisher is Källemo Ltd., Box 605, SE-331 26 Värnamo, Sweden, tel +46 (0)370 150 00, fax +46 (0)370 150 60,; ISBN 91-974394-3-6 // ”Caravaggio” is a recliner in steel and girth, designed by Johan Linton, and produced by Källemo in a limited edition of 2 * 90 copies.

Appendix for a recliner