BIRDLAND by Mats Theselius
Birch veneer backrest, chrome, steel, corian armrest, Tärnsjö leather.
Limited edition of 360 pcs.

Mats Theselius models are always an expression of something that deeply interests him. His knowledge and fascination about different countries and their specific handicraft, has resulted in some of the most diverse and stimulating contemporary pieces of furniture. Elk skin, aluminium, brass and beech bark easy chairs, the National Geographic bookcase etc. Collecting and travelling is a great inspiration for Mats Theselius. A journey to Japan inspired him to create the Bamboo King, Texas to the El Ray, and collecting Dieter Rahm´s design for Braun, resulted in the desk Herbarium.

The easy chair "STAR" has it's background in Mats Theselius passion in, and
life with music. An instrument is built in a way to obtain an ultimate sound, grip and joy of playing. And it is always beautiful. In "STAR" , the drum set with it’s leg construction, drum skin and choice of materials was transformed into a piece of furniture. The aesthetic as well as the demand for a long life is recognisable.
"STAR" with the pearl backrest, leather seat and chrome frame is produced in a
limited edition of 360 pieces. Availability is unlimited in the version with fabric or leather.

STAR by Mats Theselius
h 82, w 59, d 62 cm
Pearl, chromed steel frame, leather
Limited edition of 360 pcs.

BEATRIX by Anna Kraitz
h 78, w 80 / 150, d 62
Sofa/easy chair, leather or fabric. Steel legs

"As designer You are often asked from where You get your ideas
My answer is simple: I get inspiration from my daily life. In the daily life fantasy is born. Lamps get pigtails, vases get buttons, benches tripping away on short legs, and around the sofa table a belt is drawn tight to stop it from growing. Fairy tails and fantasy. Small and big thoughts. Rituals and habits. All this crossed with the practical life, with thoughts about shape, material and function. The easy chair Beatrix is named after my daughter, born the same year I designed the chair. It has a hardly noticeable asymmetric form. The buttons in the back are moving from a traditional order to a wonderful and lovely chaos."

Anna Kraitz

A CAPPELLA by Anna Kraitz
h 45, w 130, d 65
Limited edition of 200 pcs.
Table in solid ash.
Details of cast bronze.

ZAP by Nils-Ole Zib
h 80, w 50,   d 50
Cromed steel frame, compress moulded seat in ash.
Natural or stained. Noiseless due to vibration dampers.

KONCEPT, chair by Sigurdur Gustafsson
h 82, w 51, d 50
Chromed or lacquered steel frame,
Seat and back in fabric or leather

KONCEPT, table by Sigurdur Gustafsson
h 52, 72, 112. Ø 50 - 180 cm. 60 x 130 -120 x 240 cm
other sizes on request

KONSTANT, shelf by Mattias Ljunggren
h 207, w 15, d 19
Solid ash stained in black or white,
Front printed with ash leaves or flora or covered with mirror.

KIASMA chair by Vesa Honkonen
h 82, w 51, d 50
Patinated steel frame, seat in transparent   polycarbonate.

ARMADILLO by Jakob Thau
h 88, w 72, d 80
Steel frame or swivelbase. Seat in aeroplane plywood,
sheep skin



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