Svens(k)Design -
Källemo og Sven Lundh
at Trapholt

16 september 2005 - 2 january 2006

Swedish Design - Sven Lundh & Källemo

The exhibition shows avantgarde furniture put into production by the patron of the arts and the manufacturer Sven Lundh in his company of Källemo.

Among the works are a number of significant and experimenting pieces of furniture in between art and design made by known, in particular Swedish, designers.

Sven Lundh established the company in 1970 and ever since then Källemo has positioned itself by showing a different, innovative attitude to furniture design.

A company that likes to operate in the cross-over between design and art. In a time where most manufacturers are focussing on profit, Sven Lundh has shown the courage of doing excatly the opposite thing by launching expensive, numbered pieces of furniture designed by Mats Theselius among others.

Furniture as art – or art as furniture. The most important is to continuously putting the question: what is design and what is art? As a possible answer to that Sven Lundh has replied: “It must stand wear and tear of the eye”.

One of the most sensational pieces of furniture from Källemo is the concrete chair Concrete, designed by the Swedish designer Jonas Bohlin. Originally, the chair was made of concrete and steel and as such it caused excitement and fuss among designers. The chair was not in accordance with the Scandinavian tradition of user-friendly furniture, - rather it was an experiment of material and form. An insurrection against functional design. However, the chair is produced today of wood and steel.

The armchair El Dorado is another of Källemo’s icons. The chair is designed by Mats Theselius, who often works with a combination of metal, leather and wood. In El Dorado the frame is made of etched brass, the cushions of nubuck leather and the armrests of birch.

For Källemo the artist Fredrik Wretman has made an object that must be characterised as a lamp. The lamp is simply called Light colour (black cable) and is exactly what it suggests to be: a paint bucket with light colour to which a black electrical cable is attached. The lamp can be perceived as an ironical comment to the many designed lamps in the market.

Trapholt, Æblehaven 23, DK-6000 Kolding, www.trapholt.dk