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The Ibiza modular seating series is taking your living room outside.
It is about the same comfort on your terrace or garden as in your house.
Water proof.

Design Claesson Koivisto Rune



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Still Berga but new Berga…

Berga presents its new collection at the Stockholm Furniture Fair 2013, February 5-9, Stand A14:11.
We are still “old Berga” with design icons such as the lounge chair H55 and the chair Viken, well-made furniture to last even in rough outdoor conditions in Sweden. At the Stockholm Furniture Fair we are presenting a new Berga with a completely new range of furniture, designed by some of the most internationally renowned designers. New materials. New ideas. New design.
Still Berga, but new Berga.

We are showing furniture designed by Claesson Koivisto Rune, Nendo, Luca Nichetto, Hinnerud/Enoksson, Björn Hultén and Jonas Wagell.

Our new products for 2013 include:

Ibiza – Claesson Koivisto Rune
The Ibiza modular seating series is taking your living room outside. It is about the same comfort on your terrace or garden as in your house. Water proof.

Jakarta – Claesson Koivisto Rune
A terrace sunbed to doze off on and dream away summer days. Or a living room daybed to doze off on and dream about summer days.

Marrakech – Claesson Koivisto Rune
The Marrakech tile tables are small coffee tables in a metal frame with inlaid cement tiles. The tables were initially designed as props for the first exhibition of the hand made Moroccan floor tiles that Claesson Koivisto Rune have designed for Marrakech design. Now made available by Berga.

Curve – Nendo
A series of stackable furniture consisting of a chair, a lounge chair and a sofa, in powder coated steel, in white, black, green, pastel green or orange. The chair softly bends one part of a set of evenly-spaced steel pipes to create the curve of the seat. The curve was carefully designed to visually soften the hard and cold look of metal furniture. Designer Nendo is Guest of Honour at Stockholm Furniture Fair 2013.

Plantrellis – Luca Nichetto
Plantrellis is a collection of outdoor furnishings consisting of three concrete planters and three metal trellises, which serve as a support for climbing plants. Plants enrich our environment – they give off oxygen and colour and create an aesthetically pleasing
landscape. The main inspiration for Plantrellis is precisely the possibility of creating a horizon in which the decoration is given by the plants themselves and the strength of the project lying in its extreme modularity.

Enamel – Enoksson/Hinnerud
Enamel, a graceful table with an enamel surface, earned a third price for “Best in Show” in 2012 at the Salone del Mobile in Milano. The technique of enamelling is an old technique, used from the beginning for the arts and handicraft. The fact that it has always been used for surface treatment of bathtubs made the two designers realize that this would be excellent to use for the outdoors. Additionally, one would always see discarded bathtubs in the meadows and pastures in Sweden used as drinking bowls for the cattle, always being left outdoors throughout the year and still last for many years, i.e the perfect surface treatment for outdoor use.

Berga was founded in 1898 and since 1945 owned by the same family. Ever since then, our aim has been to manufacture well made furniture with good design. Since the beginning of the 80’s with a main focus of furniture for the outdoors, and today designed
by some of the world’s most interesting designers. New Berga.

For more information contact:
Eva Jejdling, eva@bergaform.se
Berga AB
Järnvägsgatan 45
579 30 HÖGSBY
Phone +46 491 280 10

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