From the Coolest Corner – Nordic Jewellery


From the Coolest Corner: Nordic Jewellery presents an exciting and broad range of the contemporary studio jewellery created in the Nordic countries. From the Coolest Corner: Nordic Jewellery has a three-fold aim: to present the newest and most advanced contemporary Nordic jewellery, to intensify the discourse on today’s jewellery and strengthen the knowledge about this field, and toconsolidate Nordic jewellery’s position in national and international arenas.

Jewellery will be presented in 3 different ways; a touring exhibition, a comprehensive book and an international symposium, all shedding new light on the importance of this art. Denmark, Estonia, Finland, Iceland, Norway and Sweden will be the main collaborators in this project.

The touring exhibition From the Coolest Corner will be shown in The National Museum – The Museum of Decorative Arts and Design in Oslo, The DesignMuseum Finland in Helsinki, The Designmuseum Danmark in Copenhagen, The Estonian Museum of Applied Art and Design in Tallin, The Röhsska Museum of Design and Applied Arts in Gothenburg and in Galerie Handwerk in Munich, during “Schmuck”2015.

This main exhibition presents 159 works by 61 artists from the Nordic countries including five invited honorary artists and a selected group of artists from Estonia.

Oslo will be the first exhibition space for the Nordic touring exhibition with opening 19 January 2013. An international symposium (14 to 18 January) including workhops, conference and artists presentations at the Oslo National Academy of the Arts will contribute to launch this exhibition and the publication. To strengthen the interest in and knowledge of art jewellery, artistic tendencies and research within the field will be presented both in the symposium and in the book. In Oslo there will also be arranged a parallel program including visual manifestations in public space, exhibitions, happenings and performances.

All these different presentations of Nordic studio jewellery together, aim at contributing to reinforce the image of contemporary Nordic Jewellery as expressive, reflexive and “cool”.

The project is a result of a cooperation between the three Norwegian partners (The National Museum –The Museum of Decorative Arts and Design in Oslo, The Norwegian Association for Arts and Crafts and Oslo National Academy of the Arts) and their associated organisers in the Nordic museums of design and decorative arts, the Nordic crafts associations and the national colleges of art and design as well as, of course, our sponsors Nordic Culture Point, Nordic Culture Fund, Arts Council Norway.



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