H+M Ceiling/Wall
Ø 380 mm, design Christian Hvidt

This H+M version is for mounting direct on wall or ceiling and is very suitable as the general illumination in rooms without the possibility of recession. The luminaire is available in two sizes, both newly renovated in design and technique. The height of both has been reduced to 90 mm, and both have been redesigned for circular fluorescent tubes, yielding a pleasant, regular light.

H+M Downlight
Ø 380 mm, design Christian Hvidt

The slender outlines of H+M have become even slenderer; the visible height being reduced to two centimeters. The precise circular form is not changed, and it offers a well defined field of light where harmony meets efficiency. Use the curves of the H+M to soften rigorous spaces and to break up right angles and sharp corners.

The H+M downlighter is also available with a sand-blasted glass screen, offering the most beatiful light diffusion.

H+M is visually changed and functionally updated. The light output is 42-44 per cent.

H+M Pendant
Ø 380 mm, design Christian Hvidt

The H+M Pendant, designed by Christian Hvidt in 1976, is retro at its best with renewed design and technique. The new design has reduced the height of the pendant by 30 mm, and the new version appears light and simple and adjusts to its environment. The technical renovation has resultet in a new shade and a circular lamp type, giving a pleasant and regular light diffusion.

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