Winner of the +1 Diploma is tired of being funny.

Text: Mark Isitt. Photo: Pål Allan.

+1Each year Forum picks out one new item among the exhibits at the Stockholm Furniture Fair – whether on show in the exhibition halls at Älvsjö, at design colleges or in the city's showrooms. The +1 Diploma for 2003 was awarded to Matti Klenell for his lamp Kapoor. The unanimous jury consisted of the previous year's winners, Eero Koivisto and Ola Rune.

The lamp Kapoor, elected by Forum as the best piece of new design at this year's furniture fair. In several versions, with shade either in textile (below) or metal (previous spread), with either decor lighting or fluorescent lamp. Common to all versions is the pressure turned reflector with its specially treated outer surface.
»A surprise among all the subtlety«
Matti Klenell explains.

Enlightenment (Agata, 1999)

»I was working on project work for the Linköping town library, and the first sketches for the lamp were probably made then. A ray of light here and there in a bookcase. A book to pull out to get more illumination. I'm keen on a product which is nothing out of context.«

Tyson (Miljöexpo, 2000)
»Peter Andersson and I started collaborating when still students at the College of Arts and we've gone on doing so on a number of projects since. Tyson is a typical instance. The commission was to design a sturdy stackable chair. I put the first sketches in front of Peter. At the last minute Peter come to me with a suggestion for a troublesome younger brother; he had retained the design but turned all the dimensions upside down. 'His' Tyson is now available for both indoor and outdoor use and a series of tables goes with it. The elegant elder brother and prototype is confined to a cupboard.«


Beamon (Miljöexpo, 2002)
»The task Peter Andersson and I had
was to design a basic chair which was stackable, cheap and which could be produced in several different versions. The seat and back were to be in compression-moulded wood and the frame in steel. We'd heard that all the buyers in Germany sneak a look underneath to check how well made the chair is so our motto was 'Neat beneath'. Result: a smiling face with squinting eyes.«

Pillow (Offecct, 2002)
»This piece of furniture looks simple but the upholstery is a challenge. The project is on hold because the manufacturing costs for the seat are much too high.«

Peg (Pyra, 2001)
»The job from Pyra was to remodel the stick-back chair. I got nowhere with it; I ended up with weird designs and was close to giving up. Then I read a description in an encyclopedia of what a stick-back chair should look like: 'Chair constructed of turned dowels inserted in a strong solid wooden seat'. This inspired me with new ideas and energy.«

Relight (Orsjö Belysning, 2002)
»The starting point was a lampshade pressure tool which was standing idle. Could it be used for anything else? The red colour is applied to every surface reached by the light so as to provide a warmer illumination from the fluorescent tubes.«

Bowery (unique glass, 2002)
»A call I had from Inger Molin in spring 2000 gave me a new approach to my work. She'd seen some glass I'd done during a brief stay at the Urban Glass Studios in New York, and she wondered if I had any thoughts of going further with that material. If so she was keen to exhibit it at her gallery. I hesitatingly
said yes. One year later I went back to Urban Glass and the outcome was three collections: Bowery, South Park and Stripes. The time spent there was for me, an industrial designer, a badly needed push. I loved every second of it. Function and expression changed places. The function of glass runs to even being the hiding place for secret treasures.«

Klenell Chair & Table (Moooi, 2003)
»The project began as it often does with the chair. The chair was supposed to be simple to produce but complex in expression. It's essentially a steel-frame construction with a textile seat, rather like a piece of clothing to be worn out and renewed over time. The products are absolutely not self-portraits, whatever the name suggests. It was Moooi who gave them this name. The word Klenell means something spicy in Dutch I guess.«


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