Fagerhult Retail Lighting have developed their first track based lighting system iTrack; an intelligent solution which aims to raise the bar in the lighting industry. The solution circumnavigates the traditional limitations to focus on the possibilities of the light, combining control, emergency and openness in a unique approach.

A track system is an ideal solution for large areas where numerous luminaires need to communicate – for example stores, warehouses and exhibition halls. Today’s track systems are often restricted and force the lighting planner to choose between different functions, with frequently complex installations which don’t lend themselves to change once the system is installed.

The concept behind iTrack was to overcome these limitations, offering a solution which addresses all the requirements of a major project. The starting point was a track with a full twelve conductors that make it possible to connect luminaires, control equipment with daylight and presence detector as well as emergency lighting. Some of the conductors are open, offering the opportunity to connect standard spotlights, further enhancing its flexibility. The range includes a wide assortment of luminaires for different lighting tasks in addition to an array of innovative couplers that facilitate both planning and installation.

 “In essence iTrack is cost optimized during the entire life cycle. The system is extremely rational when it comes to planning and installation. The combination of newly developed luminaires and control also make the solution energy efficient,” states Fagerhult’s Product Manager Ulrika Calzon.

iTrack is also ‘future-proof’ from a functionality viewpoint. The fact that premises will be restructured and used for different purposes over time is the rule rather than the exception. A lighting investment must be seen as a long-term project and to build in a system that does not permit change can be expensive. iTrack can easily be rebuilt or expanded and adapted to match new requirements. Eagle Lighting, Fagerhult’s subsidiary in Australia, has already signed the first large iTrack order; store lighting forK-Mart to a value of SEK 3.5 million.

Product sheet (Swedish)

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