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37. Textile series "Orange" and "Grasshopper" T: F, D, O, H
Design and production: Carina Hägg Lindelöw
Manufactured by: Mattor: Hitex AB, textil: Rydboholms AB
Jury´s comment: A color-coordinated series of two patterns in different size, in meter lengths and as carpets. The "Orange" pattern offers the joy of color for everyday use, with an environment-friendly wax cloth (cotton weave treated with water-based PVC-free acrylate). The graphic lines of "Grasshopper", meter lengths in two sizes and a large version of a carpet of hand-tufted wool, show how a wellbalanced pattern can be used without losing its character.

38. Pattern series "Cirkel och fyrkant" T: F, D, O, H
Design and production: Millan Nilsson and Maria Zeilon, YTA. Manufactured by: Ljungbergs Textiltryck i Floda AB
Jury´s comment: Textiles in a natural material for home and office. White on white versus strong, bright colors. Squares and circles with a very personal design - the whole collection is characterized by refined, self-evident simplicity.

39. Pattern series "Tittut, Tittin, Ture, Torkel"
T: D, O. Designer: Inger Högberg
Manufactured by: Kinnasand AB
Jury´s comment: White curtains of Trevira CS, intended for public environments. This series of patterns is strict, effective, and harmonious, with its cleverly designed system of squares. The textiles can create harmony even in bustling surroundings.

40. Furniture collection "Sirrus" T: D, O, H
Designer: Chiqui Mattson and Jan Hellzén
Manufactured by: Offecct interiör ab
Jury´s comment: Ball-Square-Dot. Three coordinated patterns plus Bas, a single-color fabric, everything in a beautiful color scale. The fabrics are 100 % cotton, double-woven with a ´positive` and ´negative`pattern side, which gives the coverings an extra dimension. An excellent idea for designing a furniture series with accompanying fabric collection.

41. Meter-length piece-goods "Orion" T: D, O
Designer: Fumiko Okino. Manufactured by: Almedahls AB
Jury´s comment: Exciting surface play between the pattern in the Ausbrenner tecnique and printed forms in color. Each square in the repeat has an independent shape which contributes to the elegant play.

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