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31. Book, poster GD: D
Designer: Henrik Nygren. Client: Rolf Förlag AB
Jury´s comment: It couldn´t be more austere than this. The collaboration between designer and photographer has resulted in an integrated graphic design which presents the contents without fuss.

32. Poster GD: D
Designer: Henrik Nygren. Client: Jan Fridlund, Profoto
Jury´s comment: A low frequency of typographical interference invites the viewer to consider the pictures of photographer Fridlund in peace and quiet.

33. Poster GD
Designer: Gábor Palotai. Client: Uppsala Konstmuseum
Jury´s comment: What is there under the black surface? A poster that arouses curiosity and offers depth, making the jury think of classic poster art.

34. Magazine "Bokvännen" GD: H
Designer: Johan Sten. Client: Sällskapet Bokvännerna
Jury´s comment: If this exquisite magazine does not reduce the number of enemies of books, "we´re approaching the end of the world" as desinger Torbjörn Lenskog´s grandmother would have said.

35. Magazine "POP" GD: H
Designer: Lars Sundh and Stefania Malmsten. Client: Fanzine Media AB
Jury´s comment: There are not many well-made magazines in Sweden. POP, however, is one. Here, form and content are united in a way that should be self-evident to every magazine producer. And things can be made fun with the standard Times typeface, no matter how unbelievable it may seem.

36. Poster GD
Designer: Anders Kornestedt. Client: David design
Jury´s comment: A poster that should be viewed at close range. An amusing idea with its mixture of Saul Steinberg, , Tin-Tin creator Hergé (when young) and the coloring books of childhood.

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