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3. "Walk Way System" ID: O
Designer: Olle Lundberg, Monitor Industrial Designers AB
Producer: Valmet Karlstad AB
Manufactured by: SapaFront
Jury´s comment: A series of walkways and stairs for a heavy industrial environment. Functional, flexible and aesthetically satisfactory in a stressful and demanding environment, this product gives machine operators safe, easily accessible and efficient work areas. Advanced produktion adaptation allows optimal layout and machine design right at the drawing board.

4. Liquid chromatography system "Äkta explorer"
ID: D, O
Designer: Sven Wounder, Wounder Design
Manufactured by: Pharmacia Biotech AB
Jury´s comment: A fluid purification product for laboratories. The modesty of the design plays an important role in the final results. Demands for company identity, modular thinking and timelessness have been met admirably. The simplification of its functions, assuring user-friendliness,, should give it a strong position in its field.

5. Personal pager/alarm "Tele Protect U922" ID: D, O
Designer: Jan Hampf
Manufactured by: Ascom Tateco AB
Jury´s comment: A personal pager with a very high standard of technology and operation in different environments. A well thought-out design of a technically complicated product´s function are visualized in a pure and simple form.

6. Measuring instruments "Stress Tech"
Designer: Tom Waldner
Manufactured by: Reologica Instruments AB
Jury´s comments: An instrument to measure viscosity. A good example of how manufactures of "limited" products have also embraced the importance of design. Powerful, clean design reinforces the well-balaced message of a technically advanced quality product.

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