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64. Chair/armchair "Offy" M:D, O
Designer: Bror Boije. Manufactured by: NKR/EFG
Jury´s comment: An interesting addition to all the well-proportioned, functional, stacking chairs for meeting rooms, etc. A graphically cogent expression in the version that is painted black with wooden details.

65. Sofa "Krona" M: D, O
Designer: Ralf Lindberg. Manufactured by: Gärsnäs AB
Jury´s comment: A powerful piece of upholstered furniture with good, simple volume, which has been deliberately designed according to ´stable´ modernism. The sofa is just as suitable in a public environment as in a hard-wearing family home with children.

66. Bench M: F, O
Designer: Björn Dahlström. Manufactured by: Dahlström Design AB.
Jury´s comment: A new, unconventional piece of furniture which combines the functions of a seat and table. Almost hand-crafted from natural materials, oak and cord, and designed with geometric cogency, it has a distinct feeling of quality.

67. Wall bookshelf. M: F, H
Designer: Anki Gneib. Manufactured by: Gneib arkitektkontor
Jury´s comment: A small wall shelf in which depth has been minimized by sloping the sides and intermediate pieces. Surprisingly simple and effective - perhaps even practical - alone or as several in combination.

68. Garden table "Vipa". M: O, H
Designer: Jan Berg. Manufactured by: Design House Stockholm
Jury´s comment: The traditional garden table in a new design. The form of the ribbed top is geometrically intresting even when the table is folded.

69. Bathroom series "Ånn". ID: D, H
Designer: Studio Copenhagen. Manufactured by: IKEA of Sweden
Jury´s comment: An innovative series of sanitary ware with a powerful design and generous dimensions, adapted to the modular system of beech and matt glass for wet rooms. The cabinets are an unconventional and fresh alternative to what is usually found on the market.

70. Furniture series "Stack". M: D, O
Designer: Camilla Wessman. Manufactured by: Nola Industrier AB
Jury´s comment: A series of furniture of the light restaurant and café type. Stackable and with an international, ´slimmed´ appearance. The chair with ribs for the foot and etched glass top are especially stylish.

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