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58. Bureau "Lådan" M: F, O, H
Designer: Kerstin Olby. Manufactured by: Trätina AB
Jury´s comment: A storage of a straightforward, simple design in which contrast and tension are created through the joining of natural wood and sand-blasted iron in thin dimensions. A piece of quality furniture to own and cherish for many years.

59. Bench "Klara" M: D, O
Designer: Christina Hagberg. Manufactured by: Nola Industrier AB
Jury´s comment: A traditional park banch of painted cast iron and pine. The design of the side piece is inspired by the shape of the Klara River, giving a slight touch of Jugend. A low-key but ´determined´ piece of outdoor furniture for variety of different environments.

60. Sofa/armchair "Gupp" M:O
Designer: Mårten Cyrén and Jonas Osslund
Manufactured by: Miljö Expo Scandinavia AB
Jury´s comment: An elegant series of stuffed furniture which combines the Swedish Malmsten tradition with continental austerity. The fully upholstered, neat seats are carried on a frame in which the curve of the rear legs contrasts with the swing of the armrest.

61. Sofa/armchair "Cumulus" M: D, O, H
Designer: Chiqui Mattson and Jan Hellzén
Manufactured by: Offect interiör ab
Jury´s comment: An upholstered furniture series in friendly, welcoming shapes, which can have a variety of ´clothes´-armrests and backs, etc. An individual, somewhat cheecky design, which is reinforced by the specially designed fabric program.

62. Armchair "Nobel Forum" M: D, O
Designer: Johan Celsing. Manufactured by: Gärsnäs AB
Jury´s comment: Self-aware and full of character, this armchair has an austere, modern style with overtones of Nordic Jugend. High-quality woodwork and upholstery have resulted in piece of furniture which relates beautifully to the traditional art of Swedish furniture and interior decoration.

63. Armchair "Grand" M: D, O
Designer: Ruud Ekstrand. Manufactured by: Inredningsform AB
Jury´s comment: A high-backed chair, vigorous and imposing, in which the Empire style encourages independent, modern lines. Having the entire stuffed upper part hover a bit above the light wooden underframe gives the chair interesting contrast and tension.

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