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53. Service "Spisa" KF: H
Designer: Lovisa Wattman. Manufactured by: Höganäs Keramik
Jury´s comment: "Spisa" is a personal, charming stoneware dinner service in which flowing lines form pleasant, attractive forms. The semimatt glazes have been chosen from a pure color scale.

54. Electric candlestick "Julius". B, ID: D, H
Designer: Jerker Andersson
Manufactured by: Krypton formaktiebolag
Jury´s comment: The ubiquitous Swedish candlestick, here in bent wood and revealing clever inventiveness, has gained a modern mode of expression.

55. Rocking horse. KF, ID: D, H
Ulf Hanses. Manufactured by: Playsam i Kalmar AB
Jury´s comment: A rocking horse of varnished wood which conveys a sense of play, security, tradition and solid craftsmanship. With its strictly stylized form it nevertheless radiates warmth, making it attractive to both young and old.

56. Design program for SRF Hantverk
KF, GD: F, D, O, H
Designer: Anders Malmströmer (graphic design), Pelle Reinius, Magnus Ståhl (brushes, exposure), Lena Rahoult (textiles)
Manufactured by: SRF Hantverk AB
Jury´s comment: An integrated solution for products, graphic program, and shop display. New products have been well adapted to existing ones. The ´tactile sense`of the visually impaired was an important factor for the designers. An upgrade with quality, which should both keep old customers and attract new ones. The textile collection "Feeling" is machine.woven cotton, flax and wool, well anchored in Swedish tradition.
The color scale is both sensitive to tradition yet new. Horsehair tufts on the corners of the cushions add a sense of playfulness to the whole.

57. Display cabinets "AL" M: D, O, H
Designer: Mats Aldén and Jonas Lindkvist
Manufactured by: Galleri Stolen AB
Jury´s comment: A series of cabinets and display cases in a simple, straightforward, clean style. Beautifully proportioned in ´simple´ Swedish alderwood and with great care given to detail, the series is a fine trend in modular storage.

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