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1. Passenger car "JC Indigo 3000" ID: H
Designer: Nya Perspektiv Design AB
Manufactured by: Jösse Car AB
Jury´s comment: A rear-wheel drive car of composite material on a galvanized chassis of steel profiles. A collaboration between regional entrepreneurs and experienced car designers, in which Swedish design stands for greater environmental awareness, a higher safety standard and a down-to-earth view of practical usefulness.

2. Truck cab interior "Scania 4" ID: O
Designer: Bernardo Valiera Mascarenhas
Manufactured By: Scania AB
Jury´s comment: A truck cab is not only an advanced workplace, it is also the driver´s `home´ for long periods. After comprehensive background study, the designer has created a sound design. The overall ergonomics, individual controls, and a feeling of home have all been given the same priority. The result is an environment which meets a high standard in all respects.

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