Emma armchair – Gärsnäs



Design Fredrik Färg & Emma Marga Blanche


What made it an Emma?
EMB/FF: Gärsnäs asked us to design a modern Emma armchair, and we had a really exciting time doing it! You get such a kick out of working towards a solution and, what’s more, spotting a need. And the Emma just came naturally, this being a latter-day version of a firmly rooted tradition.

Had this kind of seating furniture occurred to you previously?
EMB: The funny thing is that, despite being French, I’ve always had a special relationship to Emma armchairs. I was already keen on design as a child, and my Swedish paternal grandmother had an Emma armchair which I just couldn’t take my eyes off. Later on, when I inherited that chair, I felt both honoured and overjoyed.

What’s so special about your Emma?
FF: It’s a hand-sewn, well-tailored armchair that speaks the language of craftsmanship picking up the gauntlet. The needlework here involves both form and function, elevating the classic look to a superior level. Both the seams and the stockinged legs accentuate that “well-dressed” feeling.



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