Torni Washbasin by DURAT®
design Mick Brundle, Arup Associates

Torni is a new washbasin pod made by DURAT® in cooperation with Arup Associates. The cylindrical basin is a startling departure from traditional commercial vanity basin design. The Torni basin is made out of DURAT®, a solid polyester based material which contains recycled plastics. DURAT® itself is 100% recyclable.

The product came about while Arup was refurbishing its headquarters in London. Principal Architect Mick Brundle explains: “Space restrictions in the washrooms meant that conventional vanity units were not feasible, so we redesigned the basin format. The cylindrical unit increases the perception of space within the room and allows people to pass each other within a confined space.”

When the design had been completed, DURAT® started the production of the first Torni units to be installed in Arup´s offices. The model has also been added to DURAT´s collection of standard design models.

The DURAT® material is produced in sheets and can be moulded into different shapes. DURAT® products are suitable for use in both private and public spaces.

In addition to the exciting three-dimensional surface and interesting range of colors, DURAT® has also received international recognition for its bathroom range. The latest models are exhibited in London at the 100% Design fair every year. In addition to bathroom fixtures, the product range also includes benches and tables.


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