23.1. –21.3. 2004
Ritva-Liisa Pohjalainen – Allegria of Fashion – Ril´s

Pohjalainen has been preparing this exhibition in the Design Museum for over a year. As a result, the exhibition portrays a large number of unique dresses and jewellery that have been incubated during this time. New materials and innovative, previously unknown ways of processing and producing them have been invented.

- Fashion is international, and ingenuity and innovativeness are the only ways to stand out from the mainstream. The most important inspiration for me still stems from the childhood plays in the forests and by the seashores. The soul of the exhibition ascends from those ethereally light summer days, wet asphalt, icicles, cones and spider webs, Pohjalainen explains.

The creation of the unique dresses in the exhibition has taken a completely different course from the usual methods of designing a line. Pohjalainen bypassed the image sketch phase, and commenced the process by sculpting miniature models to serve as sketches for later stages.

The materials for the dresses have been custom-made for Pohjalainen by Italian artisans. These materials have since been developed to mass production, and they are featured in the new Ril’s line that is also introduced in this exhibition.

The silver jewellery that complement the dresses, are an exploration to the nature of the precious metal and a quest to find new ideas to wearing jewellery. The unique pieces of jewellery, just as the dresses themselves, have been manufactured by ateliers in Kuopio.

During her career, spanning almost three decades, Pohjalainen has served for example Piretta, Silo, Kestilä, FinnFlare and PTA as a designer. In addition, she has worked as a textile designer in Italy.
Since 1996 Pohjalainen has been in charge of the brand Ril’s, named after her, in L-Fashion Group.


Ritva-Liisa Pohjalainen Rain, photo Kira Gluschkoff


Ritva-Liisa Pohjalainen Water lily, photo Kira Gluschkoff


Miniature models, photos Pentti Vänskä