Quasimodo Trend Collection
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The hall in Jonas Lindvall's flat was small and cramped. Too cramped
to hold a classic clothes rack. He begun to ponder whether stands and
hat racks really weren't meant for another time, for another type of
clothing - hats, topcoats and heavy coats. It was born right there.
In the hall. The slender Quasimodo hook. A hook for our time. As
simple as it gets.

Quasimodo has been hanging around for a while. It has achieved
several awards during the past and gained attraction from the very
beginning from Swedish as well as international media and people of
the trade. For instance, when it was shown for the first time at
Milan Furniture Fair, the Domus magazine appointed it one of the five
most interesting products of the year. Furthermore Quasimodo is
represented at the Victoria and Albert Museum in London. We
unblushingly call this a success.

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