— the essential design event for a changing world

Copenhagen Design Week presents design that mattersideas, concepts, products and services that will come to play an important role in your professional and personal life.

In 2009, Copenhagen Design Week explores social and environmental design and innovation. It provides a rich mix of tradeshows, exhibitions, experiences, discussions and networking. Each element explores the positive power of design in different ways, inspiring businesses and individuals.

Copenhagen Design Week will take place in the period between the 27 August and the 6 September 2009.


Numerous design events will takeplace throughout the city includingthe INDEX: AWARD, CODE 09 and theC02PENHAGEN carbon-neutral festival.Copenhagen Design Week also show-cases the most important trends anddesign talents within Denmark andinternationally.

Copenhagen Design Week is directed by Danish Design Centre and developed with a number of Danish and international partners including: Danish Architecture Centre, DanishCrafts, Design Miami, St. Etienne Citédu Design, INDEX: and CopenhagenFurniture Festival.

Copenhagen Design Week will buildand iterate on the themes explored in 2009 in future years, making it theessential design event in an ever-changing world.

Copenhagen Design Week takesplace from 27 August - 6 September 2009.

Copenhagen Design Week will be aprelude to UN’s Climate Change Con-ference (COP15), showing the rolethat design can play within social andenvironmental issues.

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