What's Next - Designing Man
November 14, 2003 - February 22, 2004

In the 21st century, design focuses on the body more than ever before. Not just clothing, jewellery, tattoos and piercings, but also prosthesses and, especially, plastic surgery enable us to create exactly the body and the look that we want. In 2003, man to order is no longer a dream, but reality - no longer the future, but the present!
What's Next is a disturbing and fascinating journey, where the audience encounters design products and art works that mimic the body's shapes and functions - design that takes over the human, our looks, habits and communication. This is design that sets new standards for the body and the way we use it. The body's encounter with design has obscured what is natural and what is manmade - where the body begins, and design ends.


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