Brands designed
in Finland
08 November 2002 -
01 March 2003

Arabia, Fiskars, Hackman, Marimekko - the list goes on. Since before anyone talked of branding, Finland has successfully been basing its everyday products on unique design. today, the unique qualities of Finnish design are remarkably contemporary and competitive. The exhibition shows a wide selection of well-know finnish products, from China and fabrics to furniture and mobile phones, the exhibition was produced by Design Forum Finland, Helsinki.

Designer: no name
08 November 2002 - 01 March 03

The most ubiquitous designs are often so simple, obvious and anonymous that we handly notice them. Desinger: noname shows the scissors, the cutlery, the pliers and other ordinary,well-designed everyday products form the earlist years of industrial production. The exhibition celebrates the nameless designers of everyday objects as an alternative to the current focus on specific designers and brands. Grahic designer Torbjörn Lenskog has based the exhibition on his own collection and book. The exhibition was produced by Svensk form, Stockholm.

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