How can the interior design of a room be staged to match the corporate brand? How does one create international awareness of new design - and art?

This is demonstrated by the young design group Fabrik in the exhibition ’Momentum’ at the Danish Design Centre from May 16 to June 23 2002.

The owners of Fabrik are Danish Thomas Lykke (b 1971) and Icelandic Thorbjørn Ingason (b 1976), both with connections to the English lifestyle magazine Wallpaper, Thomas Lykke as the editor for interior design and Thorbjørn Ingason as the former Art Director at Wallpaper's design studio Wink Media.

Thomas Lykke says about the exhibition: "As the brand appears in more and more contexts, the physical space becomes included, as an integral part of the brand. One typical example is the city square, where various brands use advertisements and neon signs to demand the attention of passers-by in a very direct and rather pushy way. We would like to demonstrate ways of expressing the brand value in the physical space in a more subtle way, without compromising the power and intensity of the brand."

This is what Fabrik calls the creation of branded spaces. The key is to select or design all the elements in a room from the point of view of one basic concept: The brand concept. Thomas Lykke adds: "In this way, branded spaces may be used as a means for standing out from the crowd, actively expressing values and attitudes."

Fabrik has designed ’Momentum’ around three lifestyle tableaux with elements and products of their own design. In the exhibit, the two designers also launch an entirely new concept, Consumart, offering young designers and artists a chance to present their works in an international market.

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