The ID Prize 1965 - 1999, Design via Innovation:
The first semi-permanent exhibition in the Danish Design Centre

Motto: "Good design is when the tools are adjusted to the users, not the other way around."

In connection with the award of the Danish Design Prize 2000 the Danish Design Centre opens its first semi-permanent exhibition, which is also a study collection: The ID Prize 1965-1999, with the sub-title Design via Innovation.

The exhibition is presented in the subterranean exhibition hall in the Danish Design Centre (27 H C Andersens Boulevard, Copenhagen) and can be visited from June 23 2000 to December 2001.

The exhibition contains, as hinted at in the title, a presentation of all products awarded the ID Prize, the Danish Design Centre's prize for good industrial design, since introduced in1965.

All together 182 products ranging from cutlery, plates and furniture to dental equipment, agricultural machines, ocean-going cruisers, letter boxes, windmills etc. The exhibition is directed at consumers, who will find that many everyday objects are good design, and students as well as others with a professional interest in design.

The awarded products are placed in a time line which describes some of the most important events in the years 1965 - 1999.

Jens Bernsen, managing director of the Danish Design Centre, says:"Together the awarded products form a chain of events. They mirror a development where dramatic changes in the industries and society have taken place carried forward by the technological development and by the globalization of production and trade.

But coincidently they also express values that have been firmly established through many years. The desire to do things better, to simplify things without making them too simple. The desire to make use of design as an intelligence made visible. And first and last: The wish to adjust the tools to the users and not the other way around".

Exhibition architect: Mikael Fuhr in co-operation with Morten Thing.

Further information: please contact Birgitta Capetillo, tlf 33 69 33 09 (direct) or

The ID prize 1965 - 1999, Design via Innovation

June 23 2000 - December 2001

Monday -Friday 10 am - 5pm

Saturday, Sunday and holidays 11am - 4pm