Cobbler – ateljé Lyktan

cobbler icon-crop-u22490

Cobbler At the beginning of the 20th century, the first attempts were made at shading the hitherto much-used, naked incandescent  …

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Skipper – ateljé Lyktan


Skipper Design Olle Lundberg Skipper is the winning luminaire in a product development project that involved all of ateljé Lyktan’s …

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Patera – Louis Poulsen


Patera – a natural focal point Design: Øivind Slaatto Taking nature as his inspiration, the elite designer Øivind Slaatto has …

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Time LED recessed – ateljé Lyktan


Time LED recessed Design Bengt Källgren Time LED recessed luminaire is a newly developed lighting system for integration in all …

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Riff Relay – Exploring the new light engine


For Milan Design Week 2015 ateljé Lyktan invited eight architects, designers and craftsmen, as well as ateljé Lyktan’s own Atelier, …

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Riff – ateljè Lyktan


Riff Design Olle Lundberg When Olle Lundberg designed the pendant luminaire Riff, he wanted to create a flexible and versatile …

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Leksand – Nola


Leksand by Nola is a unique outdoor seating furniture inspired by the classic wooden chair Leksand Stolen Nola, in collaboration with Temagruppen …

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Karamell – Örsjö


Karamell Design Jonas Bohlin, 2015 The pendant lamp Karamell gives a delicate light to the table when guests gather around, …

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Silverback – Louis Poulsen


Floating minimalism Louis Poulsen is launching the Silverback pendant as a supplement to the wall and ceiling fixtures in the …

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Näbb – nola


Näbb Design Mattias Stenberg The Näbb chair can be seen as a comfortable armchair, or as a streamlined club chair, …

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Cajal – Lammhults


Cajal design Gunilla Allard. Cajal table is a series of small, easy to place, tables in different heights, shapes and …

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Våg bicycle roof – nola


Våg (Wave) is a new, modern bicycle roof in fiberglass, developed new MAX IV Laboratory at Lund. With its lightweight, …

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Pebble – Örsjö


Pebble Design Joel Karlsson The goal of the Pebble lamp was to create a form that managed to encapsulate the …

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Bill swivel chair – nola


Bill swivel chair Design Broberg & Ridderstråle Bill is a new type of armchair made for public spaces. Similar to …

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The Eagle Lands in Milan – ateljé Lyktan


Tham & Videgård’s iconic lamp to be introduced by ateljé Lyktan. Swedish lamp manufacturer ateljé Lyktan opens it’s first exhibition …

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Avion – Lightyears


Can you remember how fascinating flying objects used to be when you were a child? Who didn’t want a model …

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PH 3½-2½ Copper Table – Louis Poulsen


Limited Edition: PH 3½-2½ Copper Table Design: Poul Henningsen You have probably been hoping and maybe even dreamed that we …

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Elements XL – Zero


ELEMENTS – Note Design Studio Elements is a complete family originating from Note Design Studio’s fascination for the Nordic mountains …

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Table Seriff – Byarums Bruk


We talked for some time about the need for a table to sofas Joy and Vilamoura. To make a table …

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Oval – Skandiform


Oval, a new, generously proportioned chair that comes in black, white and brown, with or without armrests. Oval is stackable, …

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PK80 and PK91 in limited edition with Kvadrat/Raf Simons


Fritz Hansen launches fashionable, limited editions from the Poul Kjærholm Collection with Kvadrat/Raf Simons upholstery textiles To celebrate the timelessness …

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Korg – nola


The Korg furniture group The Korg furniture group is made in a streamlined style and crafted in steel thread for …

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PK80 & PK33 in Canvas – Fritz Hansen


Introducing PK80 and PK33 in Canvas For the first time, Fritz Hansen now introduces the PK80 daybed and the PK33 …

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Hobo – Örsjö


Hobo Design Gustaf Nordenskiöld Hobo is a lamp made of opaque blown glass formed into a basket construction of brass. …

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Palissad – Byarums Bruk

Jämna till ytan lite på kärlet

It’s funny when a collaboration results in a product that brings happiness and pride among clients – designer – craftsmen. …

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