National Geographics – Källemo

National Geographic limited edition by Mats Theselius (7)

NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC by Mats Theselius 25 year anniversary adition, limited edition of 220 pcs. height 171, width 25, depth 22. …

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Pod – Ihreborn

Pod family

Design Matz Borgström.   Jonas Ihreborn AB 331 42 Värnamo, Sweden +46(0)370 35 50 00  

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Area Radius – Lammhults


CREATE A ROOM WITHIN A ROOM. Anya Sebton’s Area Series adds to its lively planning possibilities with the addition of …

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POP easy chair – Gärsnäs


POP sofa redux and addition of a new POP easy chair The POP series has grown to include an easy …

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Aperi – Lammhults


For Stockholm Furniture Fair 2016 Lammhults Introduces Aperi – a soft welcome to the modern office Design: Läufer & Keichel …

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A´EKI – Källemo

AEKI by Sigurdur Gustafsson

A´EKI by Sigurdur Gustafsson Plexiglass, gold leaf. Limited edition of 19 pcs. h 100, w 82, d 78 cm A´EKI …

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Soundwave® Wall – Offecct

OFFECCT_Soundwave_Wall_ChristophePillet_Low (2)

SOUNDWAVE® WALL by Christophe Pillet “Soundwave® Wall stretches from floor to ceiling and thus becomes a part of the architecture …

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Chester sofa – Källemo

Chester sofa by Thomas Sandell and Pierre Sindre (2)

CHESTER SOFA by Thomas Sandell / Pierre Sindre Powder coated steel frame. Shell of formfelt. Seat in coldfoam. h 75, …

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Hedwig – Gärsnäs


David Ericsson renews his set of seating furniture with Hedwig Furniture designer David Ericsson launches the Hedwig easy chair, which …

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Plymå circular bench – Nola


Plymå circular bench Design: Mattias Stenberg Designed with public spaces in mind, Plymå conveys a sense of softness rarely seen …

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Julius – Gärsnäs


Färg & Blanche: masters of “Wood tailoring” The creative and inventive duo Färg & Blanche launch Julius: a generous and …

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Connect – Zero


CONNECT – Mattias Stenberg In this pendant, monochrome, mini-fixture called Connect, the ceiling cup and shade have the same shape, …

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Unit – Blå Station


Unit is a linkable modular sofa system with a light expression – like a magic carpet. Unit is available as …

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Vienna – Källemo

Vienna by Pierre Sindre (13)

VIENNA by Pierre Sindre Steelframe, powder coated or oiled black oxide. Back in quilted fabric or leather. Seat in coldfoam. …

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Jern – Nola


Jern backed bench Design: Joel Karlsson, Krook & Tjäder Design Traditional carpentry and exquisite handcraftsmanship come together in this contemporary …

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Coil – Offecct


COIL – Mattias Stenberg Coil is a cord reel that stands out instead of hiding away. An eye-catcher in the …

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Convex – Zero


CONVEXT – Jens Fager Perhaps you recognise this one; Convex was launched two years ago, but as a wall fixture. …

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Gyro – Zero


GYRO – Thomas Bernstrand A built-in, simplified gyro-functionality enables Gyro to be set at a constant angle to the ground. …

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Play table – Ihreborn

Play table family

Design Helene Tiedemann.   Jonas Ihreborn AB 331 42 Värnamo, Sweden +46(0)370 35 50 00  

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Montparnasse – Offecct

OFFECCT_Montparnasse_ChristophePillet_Low (4)

MONTPARNASSE by Christophe Pillet “I have always been interested in Offecct´s philosophy and method. They are into developing alternative solutions …

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Membrane – Offecct

OFFECCT_Membrane_DavidTrubridge_Low (1)

MEMBRANE by David Trubridge “This dividing screen, which filters sound, was commissioned exclusively by Offecct for their ambitious acoustic control …

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Bergen – Offecct

OFFECCT_Bergen_HallgeirHomstvedt_Low (1)

BERGEN by Hallgeir Homstvedt “I designed this chair for the competition which I won for the furnishing of the newly …

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Puff – Blå Station


Pouffes and footstools are often moved to where they’re needed at that particular time. We emphasise this movability with a …

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Korg – Källemo

Korg by Mats Theselius (4)

KORG by Mats Theselius Steel frame in chrome or copper. Moulded frame in ash, down filled cushions. Fabric or leather. …

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Åhus – Blå Station


Åhus is a comfortable, compact easy chair with a balance between the modern and the timeless. Compatible with both contemporary …

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Elements – Zero


ELEMENTS – Note Design Studio An outdoor fixture joins the Elements series. Arched surfaces of galvanised steel replace the textiles …

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Savannah table – Erik Jørgensen


ERIK JØRGENSEN’S ICONIC SOFA GETS A MATCHING COFFEE TABLE In collaboration with Swedish designer Monica Förster, Erik Jørgensen, The Manufacturer …

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Soufflé – Offecct

OFFECCT_Souffle_CecilieManz_Low (2)

SOUFFLÉ by Cecilie Manz “The concept originates in a vision for the new office environment, which is more mobile; where …

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Kali table – Offecct

OFFECCT_Kali_Table_JasperMorrison_Low (5)

KALI by Jasper Morrison “The table goes with last year’s chair from Offecct. It’s a simple, straightforward idea based on …

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