Sam – Fogia


The shape of the table top and the constructive leg mounting detail gives Sam a soft and functional Scandinavian appearance. …

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Cheers for Yngve Ekström – 100 years old!


Our master and founder Yngve Ekström would have been 100 on 16 June 2013, if he had lived. Though one …

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Meet the Legends and the Personalities behind the Design. Scandinaviandesign is seen internationally as a designation for simple and solid …

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Alvar Aalto

Alvar Aalto

Hugo Alvar Henrik Aalto (1898-1976) Born in Kuortane, Finland, Alvar Aalto studied architecture at the Technical University of Helsinki from …

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Olle Anderson


Olle Anderson has a degree in construction engineering. He began his career at White Architects where he became a partner. …

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Gunnar Asplund


Gunnar Asplund 1885-1940 ”His name has summoned architects from all over the world to the Woodland Crematorium near Stockholm. They …

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Gunilla Allard


Gunilla Allard is one of Sweden’s most well known designers. She started her productive cooperation with the Swedish company Lammhults …

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Love Arbén


Love Arbén is not only an architect, but also a professor at the university and a writer. Love is a man …

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Åke Axelsson


Ake Anshelm Leopold Axelsson, born February 25, 1932 in Urshult, is a Swedish interior designer and furniture designer. Åke Axelsson …

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Boris Berlin


Industrial and Graphic Designer MDD, born in St. Petersburg (Leningrad) 1953, graduate of the Institute of Applied Arts and Design, …

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Sigvard Bernadotte


The art and industrial designer Sigvard Bernadotte, 1907–2002. The image taking shape in the rearview mirror is of a multi-faceted …

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Thomas Bernstrand


Ingeniously solved problems. Thomas Bernstrand’s designs are based on an idea that is so obvious and strong that the design …

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Jonas Bohlin


Jonas Bohlin was born in Stockholm 1953, GCE at A level from technical high school 1974 and examined Interior Architect …

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Kay Bojesen


”Even though an old proverb says ’too much special knowledge makes you stupid’ I, as a craftsman, must say that …

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Stefan Borselius


Stefan Borselius established his design company in 2002. Since then his work has focused on furniture and interior design – …

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Louise Campbell


Louise Campbell was born in Copenhagen in 1970. Being the daughter of a Danish father and an English mother, she …

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Johan Carpner


Johan Carpner, född 1971, svensk formgivare. Bland produktionen finns tygerna Vinterek och Vägren för Svenskt Tenn och Skiffer för Ljungbergs …

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Peter Celsing


Peter Celsing 1920 – 1974. Stark, särpräglad arkitekt, som genomsitt intresse för helgjutna miljöer även kommit att verka inom design. …

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Erik Chambert


Erik Chambert 1902-1988. Exhibited and represented at several museums and galleries, including Millesgården, Stockholm and Norrköpings Museum of Art. Erik …

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Poul Christiansen


Architect MAA MDD, born in Copenhagen, Denmark 1947, graduate of the Royal Academy of Fine Arts, School of Architecture, Copenhagen …

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Ulla Christiansson


Ulla Christiansson’s work is a terrific example of classic Scandinavian Modernism, or as she puts it herself: “Objects made for …

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Mårten Claesson


Mårten Claesson was born in 1970. Mårten is part of the Swedish design partnership / architect trio claesson koivisto rune (together …

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Mia Cullin


Mia Cullin was born 1970 in Lund. After studies in Sweden, Italy and Denmark, she received her degree from the …

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Gunnar Cyrén


Gunnar Cyrén (1931) Gunnar Cyrén är en av våra främsta formgivare genom tiderna, både i Sverige och internationellt. Han är …

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Björn Dahlström


Björn Dahlström was born in 1957 and works as an industrial and graphic designer. He created his own company in …

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Nanna Ditzel


Nanna Ditzel. 1923-2005. Born in Copenhagen, Denmark in 1923. Trained as a cabinetmaker before studies at the School of Arts …

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Yngve Ekström


Yngve Ekström 1913-1988. Beautiful, simple, comfortable – and loved. When a Swedish interior magazine asked its readers to vote for …

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Nilla Eneroth


Nilla Eneroth’s background in design gives her products an air of strict economy. Simplicity and balance are achieved thanks to …

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Andreas Engesvik


Andreas Engesvik (1970) has a Bachelors degree in Art History from the University of Bergen Norway (1991-1995). Andreas went on to study …

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Thomas Eriksson


Thomas Eriksson is an internationally recognised architect and furniture designer. Apart from having his own architectural office, Thomas Eriksson Architects, …

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Märta Måås-Fjetterström


Märta Måås-Fjetterström was a central figure in modern Swedish Textile-Art. She was a master of form, line and composition. She …

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Josef Frank


Josef Frank’s, life could be wonderfully characterized as on always in motion. Moving with ease from architecture and furniture design …

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Märta Friman


Born in Stockholm 1975. Märta Friman is an Interior Architect & Furniture Designer working on a freelance basis. She has …

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Monica Förster


Monica Förster, creator of some of the most internationally renowned objects in contemporary Swedish design today, is based in Stockholm …

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Mia Gammelgaard


Mia Gammelgaard – creator of some of the things people all over the world have in their homes. Her curiosity …

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Niels Gammelgaard


Niels Gammelgaard (born 1944) graduated from The Danish Academy of Fine Arts. He has won numerous prizes and for his …

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Anki Gneib


Anki Gneib is born in London and educated in the Department of Interior Architecture and Furniture Design at the University …

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Sigurdur Gustafsson


Sigurdur Gustafsson own presentation of himself My ideas about form and materials are very closely related to my upbringing and …

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Ulla Gustafsson


Ulla Gustafsson’s glass products have a dreamily poetic quality in which her fondness for experiment plays an important part. She …

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