Sam – Fogia


The shape of the table top and the constructive leg mounting detail gives Sam a soft and functional Scandinavian appearance. The size of the table and the positioning of the legs have been carefully thought out in terms of utilization, and to make sure that everyone has enough space to …

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Centenary of the birth of Matti S. Martela


CENTENARY OF THE BIRTH OF MATTI S. MARTELA, – A PIONEER OF THE FINNISH FURNITURE INDUSTRY From Somero to the world The birth of Martela – originally Tehokaluste Oy – is straight out of a modern start-up textbook. The founder Matti S. Martela (1913–1987) was an entrepreneur with many talents. …

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Cheers for Yngve Ekström – 100 years old!


Our master and founder Yngve Ekström would have been 100 on 16 June 2013, if he had lived. Though one can say that he is still alive: Yngve Ekström’s furniture is more contemporary and modern than ever, both in Sweden and internationally. Take, for example, the beautiful and comfortable easy …

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Meet the Legends and the Personalities behind the Design. Scandinaviandesign is seen internationally as a designation for simple and solid elegance. This site is dedicated to Scandinavian Design by Scandinavian Design www. AB Östra Stallmästaregatan 12, 217 49 Malmö, Sweden Phone +46 (40) 92 92 00 If You have questions …

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Alvar Aalto

Alvar Aalto

Hugo Alvar Henrik Aalto (1898-1976) Born in Kuortane, Finland, Alvar Aalto studied architecture at the Technical University of Helsinki from 1916 to 1921. Initially worked as an exhibition designer and later turned to architecture and furniture design in 1923 and 1925 respectively. He became a member of the Congrés Internationaux …

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Eero Aarnio


Aarnio was – and still is – one of the pioneers in using plastic in industrial design. Plastic material set the designers free to create every shape and use every color they wanted. This gave birth to objects oscillating between function and fun – but always fascinating ones. The finnish …

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Olle Anderson


Olle Anderson has a degree in construction engineering. He began his career at White Architects where he became a partner. Eventually he began to work with interior design and furniture and lighting design. In 1975 he created the interior design department of White Architects and in 1989 the subsidiary White …

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Gunnar Asplund


Gunnar Asplund 1885-1940 ”His name has summoned architects from all over the world to the Woodland Crematorium near Stockholm. They are impressed by the atmosphere of consummate architecture – of singular space. The Crematorium with the Faith, Hope and Charity Chapel was Gunnar Asplund´s last work. The Chapel of Hope …

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Gunilla Allard


Gunilla Allard is one of Sweden’s most well known designers. She started her productive cooperation with the Swedish company Lammhults in 1988 and has since then designed several of their most appreciated and famous furniture such as the Cinema series, the stackable chair Cosmos, the elegant swivelling chair Cortina, the …

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Love Arbén


Love Arbén is not only an architect, but also a professor at the university and a writer. Love is a man without freetime, fully involved in every dimension of his life, but rich in the complexities he brings together at one single point. The clarity of design in the modernist movement …

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Åke Axelsson


Ake Anshelm Leopold Axelsson, born February 25, 1932 in Urshult, is a Swedish interior designer and furniture designer. Åke Axelsson trained at Visby city engineering school for carpentry 1947-51, which praktikanr in a carpentry workshop in Munich 1951-52 and the Art Academy’s Department of the furniture and furnishings in Stockholm …

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Boris Berlin


Industrial and Graphic Designer MDD, born in St. Petersburg (Leningrad) 1953, graduate of the Institute of Applied Arts and Design, St. Petersburg 1975. Employed by VNIITE, Leningrad in 1976 and worked freelance, designing a wide range of industrial products and graphics. Since 1983, BORIS BERLIN DESIGN in Denmark. 1985-87 Working …

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Sigvard Bernadotte


The art and industrial designer Sigvard Bernadotte, 1907–2002. The image taking shape in the rearview mirror is of a multi-faceted artist. What first comes to mind is his work in silver. In the 1930s, he was responsible for the renewal of Georg Jensen’s collection, and a contract between the company …

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Thomas Bernstrand


Ingeniously solved problems. Thomas Bernstrand’s designs are based on an idea that is so obvious and strong that the design seems to find itself. He aimsto create everyday products that say something about our lives in a personal and charming way. Thomas Bernstrand was born in Bromma outside Stockholm in …

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Jonas Bohlin


Jonas Bohlin was born in Stockholm 1953, GCE at A level from technical high school 1974 and examined Interior Architect from Konstfack, The National College of Art, Craft and Design in Stockholm 1981. Being a designer with an artistical approach to his work, Jonas Bohlin always crosses the borderlines ­ …

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Kay Bojesen


”Even though an old proverb says ’too much special knowledge makes you stupid’ I, as a craftsman, must say that having gone through an apprenticeship in the field of applied art, gives me certain advantages in the difficult art of design, as compared to those who partly or completely work …

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Stefan Borselius


Stefan Borselius established his design company in 2002. Since then his work has focused on furniture and interior design – everything from chairs, lamps and room dividers to carpets and textiles. Borselius has had the privilege of working with some of Scandinavia’s most renowned companies in these fields. The Borselius …

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Louise Campbell


Louise Campbell was born in Copenhagen in 1970. Being the daughter of a Danish father and an English mother, she grew up and was educated in both countries. After graduating from the London College of Furniture in 1992, she returned to Denmark and continued her studies in Industrial Design at …

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Johan Carpner


Johan Carpner, född 1971, svensk formgivare. Bland produktionen finns tygerna Vinterek och Vägren för Svenskt Tenn och Skiffer för Ljungbergs textil. Spaljén Tin Tree förskönar trädgården också under de avlövade årstiderna. Pendelarmaturen Glänta låter ljuset lysa upp rummet som genom ett lövverk. Pendellampan Beam för Zero liknar en stor spotlight …

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Peter Celsing


Peter Celsing 1920 – 1974. Stark, särpräglad arkitekt, som genomsitt intresse för helgjutna miljöer även kommit att verka inom design. Främst inredning bl a flera restauranger, och utformningen av T-banans plattformsmiljöer. 1955-61 genomförde Celsing tillsammans med arkitekten Nils Tesch en stor ombyggnad av Operan, inklusive husets restauranger. För Operakällaren ritades …

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Erik Chambert


Erik Chambert 1902-1988. Exhibited and represented at several museums and galleries, including Millesgården, Stockholm and Norrköpings Museum of Art. Erik Chambert exhibited for several years at Réalités Nouvelles, Paris. ”While working in Norrköping at the Chamberts family business he remained relatively unknown in Sweden. Perhaps better known as an abstract …

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Poul Christiansen


Architect MAA MDD, born in Copenhagen, Denmark 1947, graduate of the Royal Academy of Fine Arts, School of Architecture, Copenhagen 1973. Freelance designer since 1969, Lamp design for Le Klint A/S from 1969. Employed by Ib and Jørgen Rasmussen 1977-86, architecture and design, design for Kevi and Herman Miller. Since …

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Ulla Christiansson


Ulla Christiansson’s work is a terrific example of classic Scandinavian Modernism, or as she puts it herself: “Objects made for people who like to live with them for a long time”. After choosing between a career in fashion or as a goldsmith, Ulla ended up with a degree in Interior …

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Mårten Claesson


Mårten Claesson was born in 1970. Mårten is part of the Swedish design partnership / architect trio claesson koivisto rune (together with Eero Koivisto and Ola Rune), founded in 1995. They design interiors and architecture, as well as products. on the list of completed architectural projects are: the Swedish Ambassador’s residence …

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Mia Cullin


Mia Cullin was born 1970 in Lund. After studies in Sweden, Italy and Denmark, she received her degree from the University College of Arts, Crafts and Design in Stockholm. Fundamentally, she is a genuine interior designer with wide knowledge on production and products. Her designs are straightforward, poetic and elegant. …

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Gunnar Cyrén


Gunnar Cyrén (1931) Gunnar Cyrén är en av våra främsta formgivare genom tiderna, både i Sverige och internationellt. Han är utbildad vid metallinjen på Högre Konstindustriella skolan i Stockholm och har gesällbrev som guld- och silversmed. 1959 kom han till Orrefors glasbruk, där han genom åren har skapat utsökt glas …

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Björn Dahlström


Björn Dahlström was born in 1957 and works as an industrial and graphic designer. He created his own company in 1982. His product design is both esthetically appealing and functional, and is distinguished by soft, fundamental forms. Form and function in symbiosis is typical for Björn Dahlström. He has designed …

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Nanna Ditzel


Nanna Ditzel. 1923-2005. Born in Copenhagen, Denmark in 1923. Trained as a cabinetmaker before studies at the School of Arts and Crafts and the Royal Academy of Fine Arts in Copenhagen. Graduated in furniture design in 1946. Established own design studio together with Jørgen Ditzel the same year and continued …

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Yngve Ekström


Yngve Ekström 1913-1988. Beautiful, simple, comfortable – and loved. When a Swedish interior magazine asked its readers to vote for “one piece of furniture of the 20th century” they chose the easy chair Lamino, designed by Swe­dese’s founder Yngve Ekström. “To have designed one good chair might not be a …

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Nilla Eneroth


Nilla Eneroth’s background in design gives her products an air of strict economy. Simplicity and balance are achieved thanks to an intimate feel for the plasticity and resistant strength of the glass. Her sense of form and colour combines with technical precision to create dishes and cylindrical forms that give …

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