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Hans J. Wegner
CH100 series

The furniture series was conceived by Wegner as a complete concept, suitable for both the contract market and for private homes.
Wegner is best known for his work with wood, but refused to be pigeon-holed and also experimented with a variety of other natural materials. The CH100 series is probably his most important work in flat steel and upholstery.
As is typical for the best Wegner designs, the series maintains its modern beauty throughout the decades: a contemporary classic both in 1970 and in 2008.
Wegner worked to his own strict design codex, and seldom incorporated the views of others into his designs. Like other Wegner classics, the CH100 series is a good example of Wegner’s design principles: outstanding comfort, only the very finest materials, and the simple beauty that comes from intelligently marrying form and function.  

 Hans J. Wegner designed the series in the early 1970s.
The series originally comprised 12 pieces in all: including easy chair, 2-person sofa, 3-person sofa, 4-person sofa, 2 coffee tables, desk, 3 meeting/dining chairs,  and a meeting table.
The series was originally produced by the Danish firm, Johannes Hansen, under the “JH800”series name.
The series was produced in limited numbers in the early 1970’s, and has not been produced since then.
A few pieces have appeared in auctions during recent years, but their rarity has kept prices high.
Carl Hansen & Son was chosen by the Wegner Studio to relaunch the series on the occasion of Carl Hansen & Son’s 100th anniversary in 2008 (hence the series name, CH100)

Materials, construction, craftsmanship:
 All pieces were and are manufactured exactly according to Wegner’s original 1:1 drawings and specifications, except for the quality improvements that the intervening 35 years have made possible. For example, the steel frames were originally made from chrome-plated steel, and are now made from solid stainless steel; the cushions were made using pure down fill, and now use a combination of high-quality foam and down.
Leathers are high-quality, semi-aniline specially chosen for their softness and durability. 3 full skins are used for the 3-person sofa; 1 full skin is used for the easy chair.
Assembly and upholstery are all by hand. Upholstery of the 3-person sofa takes more than two working days for a skilled craftsman to complete.
Frames for sofas and chairs are made from 100% solid Danish beech for strength and flexibility. Exposed wooden frame parts (at the bottom of chairs and sofas) are soap-treated so that they are resistant to stains and easy to clean.
All cushions are made specially to provide seductively soft comfort and long-term durability:
Fully upholstered on all sides in either leather or fabric.
Built around a foam core which is then encased in a specially sewn sleeve containing a mix of European down and foam granulate. The sleeve is divided into channels in order to prevent bunching.
All cushions are equipped with specially sewn ventilation holes which ensure that the cushions quickly regain their shape after use.
All cushions can be opened with high-quality zippers that hide at the back of the cushions.


Tip from Jesper Bruun, developer at Carl Hansen & Son: “Customers should remember to turn the sofa and chair on their side at least one day a week, so they can see how beautiful these pieces are underneath.”

Hans J. Wegner

Coffee table available in either glass or polished Italian slate.
70x170 cm. Height 42 cm.


Carl Hansen

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