From recycled aluminum has Småland Byarums Bruk now poured out two new product families that premiered at the Stockholm Furniture Fair, 8-12 February 2011. The designers are Signe Persson-Melin and Marten Cyrén, two recognized designers with a good feeling for the material and Byarums Mill's unique manufacturing process.


"Hexagon is a unique shape and the dash-spot I put directly in the form emphasized it even more. Despite the rigor of the three pieces you feel the craftsmanship behind ", says design icon Signe Persson-Melin about the new family of planter named Hexagon.

Design: Signe Persson-Melin 2011

"I have searched for the shape that works well for the eyes, body, and the outdoor environment as well as for casting. Couch Vilamoura has a gable that places past the seat and back in a nice way and that makes it possible to splice the long park benches. The token can be good to have that support, set the coffee cup or sugar in your drinks, "said Mårten Cyrén about his new creation.

Design: Mårten Cyrén 2011

Byarums Bruk has now been handed over to the company's third owner since its inception duo 1947th. The new entrepreneurs, Joel Enhörning and Kenneth Ståhl believe they have a good mix of young business and industry experience.

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Recycled & locally - our everyday life for over 60 years
Since 1947 we have held on to a single line - to use recycled aluminum in our products and to make our molds in a mixture of natural sand from water, mud, grime and water. A blend that is completely without chemical additives contained in a closed system and reused again and again.

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