This year Bsweden offers you illusions,
shimmering light and fluid patterns.

This year, we are introducing Dixie, which has taken its influence from the
silhouettes of the 1950’s, with wide skirts and slim waists. The threaded
construction carries the shape of a crinoline and gives the strict form of the
lampshade a soft expression when spreading the light. Dixie was designed
by Louise Hederström, who also has created Gladys, Grace and Dolly for us.


Desig Louise Hederström

We are also introducing Siluett, created by Malin Sköld. Silhouette is a playful
collection, which takes the concept of an illusion to another level. The graphic
outline of a lamp has been developed into a three-dimensional form. The expression is changing, subject to where it is seen from. With characteristics stripes, Siluett creates an interesting shimmer.

Desig Malin Sköld

The Clover family is expanding. This year, a floor standard and a ceiling light have joined the family. As always, Clover by Gunnel Svensson spreads the light in an interesting way through the slim openings in the shade.

Desig Gunnel Svensson

Front, the designers behind the innovative chandelier Konfetti, has won the award ‘The Queens of illusion’ by Architektur & Wohnen at Designer of the Year 2010.