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The Master

Bruno Mathsson was conferred with honours all over the world and was, of course, flattered by and proud of the attention. But there was one event he appreciated more than anything else. When he returned to the Museum of Modern Art in New York in the 1970s for a show, the distinguished newspaper, the New York Times, had put a head line all over the front page -¨Bruno is back¨. He had become Bruno with the american people. Greater honour can hardly be given to anybody.

More than 55 years after his international break through, Bruno Mathsson posthumously attracts national and international interest in a way that is almost unbelivable. Large museums and fairs all over the world queue to show that master and his classical work. Bruno Mathsson deserves this attention. The cultural inheritance after him is not only a swedish matter. It concerns us all.

Värnamo, May 1993

Håkan Sjöman
Chairman of the board
The Mathsson Group
The Mathsson Fund

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