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The Internationalist

Sweden of course meant much to Bruno Mathsson. He chose to stay on and carry on his work in his native town Värnamo. There he had his roots. There he could live in peace and develop his art. In reality, however, Bruno was a great internationalist. Early he made contact with people in designer circles all over the world. In the 1940s he made a long journey to the USA together with his wife Karin, where he met with pioneers in architecture and design like Charles Eames, Walter Gropius, Hans Knoll and Frank Lloyd-Wright. The journey was of great importance and gave, among other things, as a result the famous Mathsson glass house design. During the winter he lived in Portugal in one of his own glass houses. He loved Denmark in general and Copenhagen in particular. One if the evident proofs to posterity if the danish contacts is the Super-ellipse table he created in co-operation with Piet Hein. During the 1970s Bruno Mathsson developed valuable contacts in Japan, where there is still taking place a significant licence production and sales.

For a world artist like Bruno Mathsson it was essential - for his design language as well as for the promotion of his work - to play on well-chosen and well-tuned instruments. A well-composed exhibition was one of these instruments.

Bruno Mathsson took part in furniture shows all over the world from the Form Design Center in Malmö, Sweden to the Museum of Modern Art in New York. From 1964 on Bruno Mathsson´s furniture is shown at a permanent show room at the Bella Center in Copenhagen. After his death several memorial exhibitions have been held, among others in 1991 at Hörle Mansion outside Värnamo and in 1993 both at the National Museum of Art in Stockholm and at the furniture fair in Milan.

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