Bolon® Green Vinyl :
Revolutionary environmental initiatives from Bolon.

Bolon, the Swedish design company and top global manufacturer of innovative, woven vinyl flooring, once more takes the lead to become the first company in the world to switch entirely to using plasticizers* based on renewable resources. This initiative has been given the name Bolon® Green Vinyl and it also encompasses a series of other extensive environmental investments, including those that allow even larger amounts of residual and used materials to be recycled. The first products are now ready and the first collection, manufactured in accordance with Bolon's revolutionary initiative , will have a premiere showing at the Stockholm Furniture Fair in February 2010.

"This is a long-awaited launch. Many people love our products but have been obliged to choose other alternatives because of old misconceptions about PVC. When it comes to environmental performance and awareness, Bolon's products and production processes have been delivering to exacting standards for some considerable time . Bolon® Green Vinyl   is yet another step forward in our environmental work and can guarantee the least possible adverse effect upon the environment in an entirely different way. We have high ambitions and are aiming and hoping to be awarded with Swan** environmental certification and other equivalent international eco labels," explains Annica Eklund, Managing Director of Bolon.

Bolon® Green Vinyl   is part of a comprehensive and strategic programme to offer a product that is as environmentally-friendly and ecologically-sustainable as possible. There is a tremendous growth in demand from architects for products containing recycled materials and this is becoming a decisive factor in an increasing number of projects. Obviously Bolon aims to remain at the forefront and offer the market the best alternative. Its strategic initiative therefore includes a highly ambitious programme focused on increasing its recycling efforts - with waste from its production processes and also repurchasing surplus materials from other producers .

"Working on environmental improvements is and should be a continuous, ongoing process - one that never ends. We are well on our way with the new plasticizer, which is based entirely on renewable resources. It's high time that people realise that vinyl has excellent properties. Few materials are exposed to such rigorous testing as PVC during the manufacturing process. This material can no longer be dismissed with rational arguments. The effect of our next flooring collection on the environment is marginal. It retains its superior qualities year after year - yes, our latest PVC is in fact the absolute opposite of the concept of "Use it and toss it". Now that, if anything, is a good green reason!" remarks Torbjörn Klaesson, Technical Manager at Bolon.

Bolon AB
BolonThe Swedish flooring company Bolon was founded in 1949. The family firm is owned and run by Annica and Marie Eklund, the third generation of Eklunds to own the company. From its origins as a traditional manufacturer of woven flooring, the company has developed into an internationally successful design company with a focus on superior quality innovative flooring. Bolon was the first company in the world to produce woven vinyl floor coverings and has always designed all of its floors itself. The highly unique way in which the flooring is produced together with its range of design options have created tremendous international interest in the product. It looks like a textile floor covering yet has all the practical advantages of vinyl flooring, particularly when it comes to long-life and maintenance.

The products are sold in more than 30 countries today and Bolon's customers include well-known companies such as Armani, Dolce & Gabbana, Lacoste, Sheraton and high-profile architects and designers such as Tom Dixon, Jean Nouvel and Renzo Piano. All Bolon floors are produced for public environments with a focus on hotels, shops and offices. They meet all the stringent standards for fire safety, wear and durability, sound insulation, etc.

Bolon has been implementing a progressive and inclusive environmental improvement programme in all areas of its operations for many years. Bolon works continuously to update its products to meet the stringent environmental requirements of the market. Bolon has been certified to the ISO 14001 Environmental Management Systems since 1999.

* PVC is a naturally rigid material and the plasticizer is used to soften PVC and make it pliable.

** The Swan is the official environmental label in the Nordic countries -


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