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The word “anti-design” went round and round in Johan Lindau’s head in the summer and autumn of 2011. What can it represent and can we represent it?
Not exactly the antithesis of design, but more like toned-down, reduced and simplified design. How can you add virtually nothing? In other words, how can you design something obvious and natural? How simply can we visualise and construct a product, peel away its assured layers of strong shapes, interesting materials, innovations and industrial processes – and still reach our goal? The goal of creating something that feels completely obvious, natural and well known, yet surprisingly new, with its own integrity. How? Can we succeed?

A completely different “anti” perspective is linked to new needs. What does “anti- common” look like? And what is needed for a product to be new? … To us, a new product must represent a new approach to either shape, function, expression, a material or an industrial process. We have our attitude. We care and do what we believe in. We’re not “anti-”, but we’ve got a distinct “Antitude”!

Design: Mia Gammelgaard 2O12

When Mia first approached us with her presentation of an armchair based on details from the clothing industry, we were not that interested but concluded by telling Mia that if you highlight one thing, you have to remove something else. Mia promptly transformed that comment into an assignment and Johan Lindau explained that her remit was to work on what we now call “anti-design”. How simply can we visualise and construct an armchair which, without the balanced details that we choose carefully, just ends up being a totally ordinary armchair. Taylor is now a distinctive and natural armchair with its own strong integrity that is equally well suited to home life as public spaces.

Design: Stefan Borselius 2O12

How do we combine the values of a chair, an armchair and a table with the fast modern society that we live and work in? The differences between past, present and future, work and play, here and there, have been erased, and multitasking is the order of the day – especially for the younger generation.
The digital universal tools are in place and are constantly evolving, while the physical tools such as furniture and the rooms it is placed in are the same as always, traditional and in desperate need of development. You can use Wilmer in many ways, none of which excludes the other. Sit down and do some work or socialise with friends – or why not both while you’re there?
Wilmer comes as well as a swivel based arm-chair (without a table attached) and a conference chair with swivel or stiff base. Single tables suitable for Wilmer will be available later.

Design: Hertel & Klarhoefer 2O12

One of the most difficult challenges in a modular approach to sofa or armchair systems is to find a shape that is equally effective when used as a solitary armchair as when linked in a row to form a sofa. Once they have been positioned in a certain way, most modular systems are unfortunately never altered. In contrast, Ally is a modern modular system that meets today’s need for fl exibility, allowing
the user or context to determine what works best from one occasion to the next – armchairs or sofa, or why not both in various groupings? You can connect and disconnect Ally modules easily yourself, thanks to the fixed magnetic frame.

Design: Christian Göbel 2OO9/2O12

KliM is the ultimate shelving system: it’s simple, beautiful and anonymous. Instantly changing or moving this piece of furniture is a piece of cake!
KliM leaves no ugly holes in walls, ceilings or fl oors, which makes it perfect for all of us who don’t want or like to drill holes that spoil surfaces, and for everyone who spontaneously wants to rearrange the furniture at home or in the offi ce from one day to the next. kliM is all about function, which is almost certainly why it clinched two design awards while it was still a prototype.*
*The MoA award from Iittala Finland and an award from the Finnish furniture Foundation, judged by Harri Koskinen.

Design: Mika Tolvaren 2O12

Mika Tolvaren sent us a fantastic presentation a couple of years ago. We were impressed, but had our hands full at the time with the products that we were already working on. In autumn 2011, when “anti-design” went round and round in Johan Lindau’s head, he suddenly thought about one of Mika’s sketches that conveyed exactly the kind of natural look and feeling that we were looking for.
Mika designed this table out of need, as there are not many small occasional tables. It had to be neat, versatile and non-obtrusive, lightweight in appearance but full of functionality. It can be used indoors and outdoors.

Blå Station Dictionary:
Attitude: To know who you are and what you believe in, to take a standpoint…!Confidence
Antitude: To be curious. Ask yourself why, how, if, what, when…? Curiosity

Mimi & Johan
February 2O12

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