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This year we are 25 years young. Nothing particularly remarkable about that, maybe, but for us pretty fantastic nonetheless! And reason enough to treat ourselves to cake and champagne whenever the mood takes us.

Our wish list: Peace, Love and Good Design!

Peace and Love, so clear, so easy to understand, to want and to wish for others.
But what’s good design? For us, it’s about more than mere appearances. For us, a new product must demonstrate a new attitude towards form, function, materials, needs or industrial processes. Otherwise, it’s just another product. It’s also about the way we change and improve our products – now and in the future.

Johan & Mimi

Design: Cate & Nelson 2O11

Blå Station is 25 years young in 2O11, and the young Swedish-Spanish design team Cate & Nelson were commissioned to design a product to commemorate the occasion – it became B25. Their briefwas to base this product on the language of design that characterised Blå Station in its earliest days – the round birch-wood ring and natural tanned leather from Tärnsjö Tannery. The result, B25, also buildson the idea of furnishings as members of a family – creating not just a single item of furniture, but a small series. The allusions to Börge Lindau’s Oblado series are unmistakable. The B25 family comprising an easy chair, an ottoman and a table in compression-moulded birch with a surface of ash veneer.
The wooden backrest is covered with leather or felt and the seat is upholstered in polyether foam and down. B25 is a perfect solution in, for example, lounges, libraries and hotels, where the chair offers a secluded place in which to relax.


Design: Stefan Borelius 2O11

Exclusive things. Cushions come in many sizes and are used in many different contexts – to add a little extra comfort, to give a room a splash of colour, or simply to create a cosy feeling. Exclusive things are sometimes laid on a cushion to make clear just how valuable they are. Jewels, crowns and pearls. Our bodies deserve more cushions! Last year Stefan designed Dunder sofa, with a cushion as my inspiration for the project. Now he wanted to make a really comfortable upholstered chair based on the same premise. A chair with an even softer expression, a chair that would reduce the ambient noise in our surroundings and wouldn’t take up too much room. Dundra is a seating series in upholstered moulded polyurethane with a chromed tubular steel frame, comprising chair, armchair and bar stool.


Design: Staffan Holm 2O11

A coat stand is not merely a hanger, but rather it is a sculpture that you can hang clothes or umbrellas on. It must look interesting both with and without anything hanging on it. The shape of Visp is inspired by an ordinary old-fashioned whisk, and the spiral is one of the most intriguing shapes because of the way it combines fluidity and complexity with a paradoxical simplicity. The beauty of Visp lies in the simple line that becomes an intriguing corkscrew spiral, creating a sculpture that will brighten up any room without taking over completely. Visp is made in lacquered tubular steel.


Design: Iskos-Berlin 2O11

Design is normally preoccupied with the idea of having full control over functions, forms, materials and so on. But why not be more forgiving and let materials behave as they “want” to behave according to their nature? Why not give an object the freedom to be “abnormal”? To be unique? Spook is a statement of opposition to the masculine striving for the submission of material, for overall perfection that tolerates no disobedience, no mistakes. A flat felt mat, draped into a three-dimensional shape, creates natural folds that later stiffen in the production process – folds that never twice fall in quite the same way. Each chair, being almost the same, becomes different. “Mistakes” are forgiven. They give life, they are accepted – no discards, no rejects! Spook chair is a mono-block produced in a single process using only polyester felt material. There is no frame of any kind, nor any additional materials like screws, glue or reinforcements. It is a 100% recyclable material.



Design: Mia Gammelgaard 2O1O

A new friend in wood. Rounded lines that are friendly and welcoming, Hippo, is a wooden chair that takes the distinctive lines of a traditional Swedish stick-back chair and adds a generous helping of lighthearted modernity. Hippo balances between the graceful poise of a ballerina and the strength and stability of a hippopotamus. It was first shown at the Danish Cabinetmakers’ Autumn Exhibition, “White-Out” in Copenhagen on 29 October 2010. The table Potamus, is presented for the first time at Stockholm Furniture Fair 2011. The table is the perfect partner for Hippo chair and can be used in, for example, cafés or restaurant settings.

Design: Fredrik Mattson 2OO2-2O11

The family is growing. First there was L Connection – way back in 2OO2, in fact: although it never really took off...but turned out instead to become a solitary little easy chair called Elle in 2OO2. The year after came Kit and now it’s time to welcome a new addition to the family, Ella. Ella shares the same seat design as her siblings, Elle and Kit, but rests on a cantilever underframe. Compact in size yet uncommonly comfortable, Ella has an upholstered back and seat and a gentle rocking motion. The chromed tubular steel frame runs around the seat and serves as a handle on the backrest, so you can easily move the chair without having to lift it. No wonder Ella is such a welcome new addition to the family.

Ulla Kandell, Johan & Mimi.

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