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Bimbo Bedside and Bimbo Coffee

Despite a celebrated start, the first phase was very demanding. Shaky legs. Uneven. Crooked. Shy. Pale. Ran often into a corner to hide. Didn’t want to be seen.

With time, Bimbo grew a millimeter here and a millimeter there. Became strong in body and soul. Stretched high and low and left and right, across the world. And Bimbo gained many friends. Got cocky and turned a cool black. And sometimes white. Like most teenagers.

And then it happened. Bimbo grew up and became an adult. Attaining strength and
authority. Often wearing oak and gold and seen at plush hotels around the world.
And now, Bimbo has a family!

Meet Bimbo Bedside and Bimbo Coffee!

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