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Press Release Stockholm Furniture Fair February 4-8, 2009

Stockholm Furniture Fair

Material, construction, function and the products they result in, now and in the future, are what drive Blå Station towards the not-yet-seen and yet-to-be discovered. We believe that to meet demands and desires of today, you need an innovative nature, a child’s curiosity – and a heart that refuses to take the easy way out

New Cooperation between Blå Station and Osko + Deichmann
Because of their size, strength and unchangeable qualities, rocks and stones symbolize harmony. This remarkable ability to create calm was the perfect inspiration for a series of upholstered furniture.

The goal of the young German designers Osko + Deichmann was to design a sofa that could provide both harmony and an opportunity to recharge – right in the midst of a hectic life.

In their studio they noticed a small, beautifully rounded pebble. It was dark grey, very smooth and had a neat white line running across it. The line as a graphic element, together with the pebble’s pleasant form and texture, became the base for the design in PEBBLE. They also added a functional ornament, the wire frame enclosing the sofa and holding the loose cushions in place, to create an interesting line pattern – often found on stones. Pebble was shown as a prototype for the first time at Salone Satelite on Salone del Mobile Fair in Milano in 2005.

Stefan Borselius’s new friendly buddy (body) called OPPO
The old saying, ”Beauty is in the eye of the beholder” has never been more relevant than today. On the one hand, we can enjoy more choices than ever before. On the other hand, fear of being different and unique, prevails. By challenging the conventional and learning to appreciate unique forms, shapes and designs, we remain curious and open to new perspectives that look beyond everyday solutions.

After years of experimenting with the thin seat shells in laminated Formfelt, Stefan has given shape to a new piece of furniture that seems totally skinless. A body, a form, an “alien” that makes you want to communicate with it. OPPO comes in two sizes; high or low. And in the near future, it will also be available with armrests.

Fredrik Mattson invites you to build a KOJA!
Kom! Vi bygger en KOJA! Come on! Lets build a hut! Should we go for a big or small one? A hut that’s high or low? Or, how about both? Lets bring soft pillows to make it nice and cozy. A quiet and calm place that provides shelter against the wind, the rain and all the noises.

In the KOJA range, you decide whether the inside should be orderly or bohemian. Add a newspaper or book holder – then an add-on table and lamp…
KOJA is available as both an armchair and sofa. High or low.

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