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6-10 February 2008

The future will necessitate new attitudes to surfaces, materials and quality.
We can no longer afford to be governed by consumers’ lack of knowledge and the media’s thirst for new ideas. We need to pause, ponder – and perceive the enduring values in everything we do.

Rethink the cool!
Ever since the start in 1986 we have been working with seven + one key criteria for sustainable development. We do our utmost to comply with these criteria in every context. The eighth – is one that we are immensely proud of, and one that we regard as a guarantee for the peace of mind that accompanies an active, carefully considered choice: namely, that all our products are
Made in Sweden

On the Stockholm Furniture Fair we show new products by the designers Fredrik Mattson & Stefan Borselius. Sometime they work as a design team but this year they present their own individual works.


Fredrik Mattson has developed an easy chair/section sofa called FELLOW were many wishes and demands can be satisfied through a simple variation of the same alphabet. Fellow could be seen as a person or rather a personal piece of furniture, that can be formed and shaped individually and will change appearance and characteristic accordingly. Jones, Jackie and Jerry is represented at the fair. One backrest, three different middle parts, two front pieces and one armrest that in combination with two bases and two separate leg-height possibilities gives the customer a possibility to choose either the youth way of half laying in a low deep sofa or the grown ups more strict demands on a straight comfort in a kitchen table height. Everything in between is of course also an option. You can choose up to three different nuances of the same fabric on each section, or go with a plain single colour solution. Fellow’s alphabet has decided that the fabric of middle part should always follow on the armrests if there are any…


is the result of a thought that became a very easily understood table system.
In the world of furniture, the chair has always played the central role as the individual, and
the table has been seen as it’s servant. In Babel Fredrik Mattson has found a shape that
allows the table a soul and the possibility to play an important role in an interior. Compression
moulded rings in birch stacked on top of each other (were every ring builds 95mm) gives a
big variable in height possibilities. The colour spectra from black to white, from black to red,
from black to green or the other way around gives tension in it’s expression.


Stefan Borselius has continued his work with the Peekaboo range in warm moulded Formfelt, laminated with Loop from Kvadrat, last year came Peek and on the Stockholm Furniture Fair 2008 we can present BOO. The focus on the chair has been the sitting comfort. To be able to sit very comfortable on a small space. As a result Boo is small in dimensions but feels very generous to sit on. Boo is easily placed in many different environments, from Restaurants to
Conference Rooms to Libraries etc. The chair is suitable in the segment between an upholstered chair and a wooden chair. The material is sound absorbing and the chair is light and elegant. Boo is also possible to laminate with Leather from Tarnsjo Garveri.

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