Blå Station

Stockholm Furniture Fair 9-13 February 2OO5 Stand CO8:49

The FORSNÄS PRIZE to Blå Station and Fredrik Mattson – stol 69.
This yearly furniture award is presented at Stockholm Furniture Fair for the 23rd
time. It has become one of the most highly esteemed awards among furniture
designers in Scandinavia and was presented for the first time in 1983.

The period prior to all trade fairs is always creative and intense, and this year is no exception. Rarely are you more conscious of time than when the big countdown starts. We have tried starting earlier – we do that every year – only to discover that things nonetheless pile up towards the end. Maybe it's all part of the process… or maybe we are constantly raising the bar.
It is a great privilege in design management work to get to collaborate with two designers who are so young and 100% dedicated as Fredrik Mattson and Stefan Borselius. They leave nothing to chance – they are always waiting in the wings and never hesitate to step in and complete things if necessary. They lovingly tend their work/children from conception to birth and onward into the rearing stage...
This year we have continued to work with putting furniture into production that we appreciate ourselves and believe has a justifiable position on the market. In the search for the new and the unexpected, what is left to discover is curiosity and pleasure - our most powerful impetuses.
For us a new product is not new simply because it is new. To be worthy of being described as new it must demonstrate an innovative approach to the finishing process, production technique, material, design or function.

This year we have three new products, one rekindled love affair and one introduction with the by-line "to be continued".

We proudly present:

Stol 69
Design: Fredrik Mattson 2OO5
With the East as resistance and inspiration we are forced to crack new codes and analyse the entire finishing process from tree to seat and from ore to leg – all to enable qualitative production at reasonable prices within our country's borders - Made in Sweden!
Chair with moulded seat rim and legs in chrome-plated steel. Comfortable, light, stackable and linkable. The seat rim's surface is available in birch, walnut, oak or painted white, black or red.


Design: Stefan Borselius 2OO5
In a time when we are pulling down existing barriers to promote encounters and a sense of community, a new need for separation is soon created. A modern wing chair in moulded felt, with the material in the seat rim pressed to its limit and a stand of chrome-plated steel. Possibility of adding a cover/visor in moulded felt with a Plexiglass front.
A little oasis amidst the chaos.



Design: Fredrik Mattson 2OO5
When the body follows the thought and not the design new lines can create design that takes account of the body. A sofa system that works just as well as a free-standing armchair. A piece of furniture on which you can sit, hang, lie, climb or get close to your loved one – all depending on how you feel! Steel and wood frame, moulded polyurethane, leather or textile cover, chromed stand.


Design: Fredrik Mattson 2OO2/O5
"She came back all the time, demanding attention. I followed her intentions with love and respect – she was given the name Elle. A little revolving chair with auto return, steel and wood frame, moulded polyurethane, leather or textile cover, lacquered revolving stand.

Design: Tomoyuki Matsuoka 2OO4
Since the technology is available but has to be adapted to its purpose, it is sometimes also the case that the purpose must be adapted to the technology – to be continued! A little café stool, the idea for which was scribbled down on a notepad in Tokyo in October 2003, shown in Milan in 2004 where the top part of the stool was dipped in fluid ice-bed, an Abcite treatment of the steel that allows for use both indoors and out… the underside of the stool is in stainless steel.

Blå Station

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